NY (Cuomo) Bans Stretch Limos, Plus More Stuff


Governor Cuomo proposes a number of statutory reforms to both protect passengers and hold those accountable who seek to defy the law, including:

  • An outright ban on the registration of remanufactured limousines, prohibiting their operation in New York State;
  • Require drivers to hold a Commercial driver license with a special passenger endorsement to operate a for hire vehicle with 8 or more passengers;
  • Make it a felony to remove an out of service sticker placed by a DOT inspector from a vehicle without having the vehicle re-inspected and cleared by DOT to return to service; Increase the civil penalty to a maximum fine of $25,000 per violation for any person found operating with suspended DOT operating authority or operating a vehicle without such authority and subject such actors to felony prosecution;
  • Establish stronger registration suspension and vehicle impoundment powers, including an explicit process for immediate suspension of operating authority by the DOT Commissioner in circumstances that endanger the health, safety, and welfare of the public;
  • Explicitly authorize DOT and DMV to seize suspended license plates;
  • Make it a felony for any owner/operator to tamper with a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard tag or vehicle inspection sticker;
  • Ensure vehicle impoundment occurs for purposes of felony violations and subject multiple violators to the potential for civil forfeiture of vehicle;
  • Require mandatory reporting by inspection stations to DMV if a vehicle attempts an unauthorized inspection;
  • Create new criminal penalties for any DMV-regulated inspection station that illegally issues an inspection sticker;
  • Prohibit U-turns for larger vehicles on all roads within the state;
  • Eliminate the exception to seatbelt requirements for limousines, buses, taxis, liveries, and school buses; and
  • Establish a DOT inspection fee of $120 per inspection for vehicles subject to such inspection.

How does a vehicle “attempt an unauthorized inspection?” And then a-la East Germany it gets reported to who? The police?

So no stretch limos but does re manufactured mean they’re modified (like a hummer than you add x amount of feet to it in an aftermarket shop) or no limos at all from the factory (come stretched originally)?

lol no seatbelt exception. Aint nobody wearing no fucking seatbelt in a limo.

Nothing Cuomo thinks he can’t fix with bans. Fucking asshole.

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25k fine if I pass a car with tints… fucking cunt

See, I thought ALL limos were re-manufactured. Is there a limo company that doesn’t just chop up Lincolns and add space?

Guessing all that will be legal if this passes is limo buses.

Nobody needs 10 seats to get to a party.

Seriously though this guy can’t let a tragedy go without banning something.


Imagine you’re that guy. In business since 1981 building limos. Probably never had an issue with one of yours being in a crash because of a defect in your workmanship. That budget passes and you’re out of work.

This is even better, the NTSB has been blocked from investigating:


The best part is this though:

So we already had laws on the books that should have kept this unsafe vehicle off the road. BUT BAN THEM ALL. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

As my friend Jake always says… THE LEFT RUINS EVERYTHING. Bathrooms, guns, comedy, our border security, taxes, college, police, classic disney movies, baby it’s cold outside and now limos. :wink:

It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming years. At what point will people begin to leave the state? Nothing he has done yet has personally affected me but in time we’ll see.

People have been leaving for 50+ years, it’ll never be a mass exodus.

My biggest things is property taxes. I live off of ceil drive in cheektowaga sloan, 1050 sq. ft. 6900$ a year. Bought the house for 130.

Guy across the street just sold his for 150, 1100 sq. ft. What are his taxes going to be? 75-8000??

This does suck, but there are places in the area with low property taxes. The city is an unbelievable value right now IMO.

Damn… Your taxes suck more than my Village of Kenmore house. And I thought my taxes were high. At least my taxes are giving me more than Cheektowaga. However I’m sure our awesome police force probably pays for itself with the amount of tickets they issue a year. lol

Cuomo is a jackass.
Have a freak accident on 198 where a car jumps a curb and kills an individual for the first time in history on this stretch of road. The results, a person who has probably never personally driven the stretch of road decides to make it a 30 mph speed limit on the entire thing rather than just in front of the park. They also decide that the best way to prevent this again from happening is by putting up a WOODEN GUARDRAIL, WTF! Now every time I drive this (almost daily) I feel threatened because doing 30-34mph, you feel someones going to rearend you since everyone else is doing 45-50.

Limo that failed inspection I believe it was 3 time in a row goes out and still operates, Completely illegal. Gets into the worst crash in history and now this guy wants to ban them based on an illegally operating vehicle as it is. This makes total sense.

I keep posting this on FB every time someone posts something about a Cuomo ban (guns, trucks on the thruway, limos, plastic bags ect)

“Find someone who loves you as much as this dipshit loves bans”


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