NY Legislation passes 'SLEEP Act' - Custom Exhaust ban

Depending on Cuomo signing this, it may become a law soon. (Loud exhausts)

“Legislators in Westchester County were listening to the complaints, and a new law passed by New York State is designed to turn down the volume by banning the devices that make those souped-up vehicles loud.”

“The “Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution Act,” or SLEEP Act, has been passed by the state Legislature, and if signed, it will expressly prohibit the sale or installation of devices to increase the sound of a muffler on a motor vehicle or motorcycle and increase fines for such modifications from $150 to $1,000.”

“louder than stock” was already the law in NY, but this will really give it some teeth by making the sale illegal (meaning good luck finding shops to do it) and massively increasing the fine. You might be willing to risk a $150 ticket, but probably not a $1000 ticket. Plus 3 tickets for the same exhaust and it’s bye bye license.

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Fuck this state. One more thing.


I really don’t mind getting the ones with straight pipes (cars and bikes) off the streets because they’re obnoxious, but “louder than stock” is so dumb. My S5 is surprisingly loud for a stock exhaust when you put it in sport and redline it so the little flaps open up. Way louder than my GTO was stock and probably close to the GTO with the loud aftermarket axle-back.

If someone really wanted to fight it I don’t see that law every holding up in court as being equitably applied when a Civic with an aftermarket is half as loud as a Mustang GT stock. “louder than stock” is too arbitrary a test to be valid in a court of law.

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This will be used as another excuse to pull someone over that isn’t doing anything wrong.


Maybe it’s a good thing my vet has a Akrapovic exhaust with valves. When closed my blower is over powering the exhaust note.

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Waiting for the Harleys to be pulled over by the dozens.


I don’t have much of an opinion on this but I’d like to say fuck each and every loud pipe Harley asshole that ripped past my old house at 2am.

Conversely, there was a dude who lived nearby with a loud ass Harley who came home at 4am during the week. When I was up feeding the babies I could hear him off in the distance getting off it and idling in. I always appreciated that. So not everyone is a total asshole. So it’s a shame some assholes ruin it for everyone else I guess

I used to shut the bike off and coast in to my driveway about 7-8 houses away

There’s a kid with a red Del Sol that constantly accelerates and throttle drops so his POS car pops and backfires, literally daily.

I’ve contemplated egging his car once I’m off for summer break. I think I still might.

Another reason to get an electric car! :hear_no_evil:

There’s a kid in my development that like to siqqqq downshifts to first gear at every stop sign. It’s a FRS bro get over yourself :roll_eyes:

Loud pipes are not the problem downtown, at least where I am. Come to Niagara St and every few minutes there’s a dude with a wild sound system running full steam cruising down the road.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad. I’m impressed.

One guy has a 4Runner that, when he rolls down the rear window, exposes multiple speakers that face OUTSIDE of the vehicle. It’s wild loud. There’s also a custom black Jeep with a similar setup.

I was woken up by crazy loud music at 1am about a month ago. Then fell back asleep and dreamed that I went back in time to convince the guy who invented the “Puerto Rican beat” that it was a terrible idea.