Any idea how much a Modified Muffler ticket will cost me?
It was in the town of Cheektowaga.

I do not have the time to change it back to stock.

prolly like 75 bux

modified muffler?

are you using some straight threw fart can? like it must be really obnoxious for them to pull you over and ticket you for it.

or is it a hacked cat?

thats sweet that they have a ticket for ricers now.


no it is custom long tube headers and 2.5" duals out the back with Razzi ss mufflers. I have duals to help my Supercharger breath. I do have 1 cat on each side. The car is very quite unless I get on the skinny peddle.

Fill the exhaust with Steel wool and that should do the trick for the inspection, otherwise, grab your ankles. :smiley:


you should have told the cop you had a supercharger. got me out of a huge speeding ticket.