NYC Parking Prices

lol Freakin’ rediculous… this isn’t even midtown

lol wtf 14 bucks an hour to park

you can pay me 10 an hour to drive your car around the block :slight_smile:
then you wont need to park

you’d have to pay me a lot more than that to drive Sleepy’s POS around the block.


Thats rediculous… it’s cheaper to get a ticket here than it is to park there legally.

when i was there this weekend i paid 40 bux for li ke 5 hours…18.5% parking tax

i was in upper manhatten the other day and it was 42 for 2 hours.

F them, NYC can derelict by balls. Build some high rise parking ramps you bastards

thats where we were.

i had to come into work one weekend (i work by grand central on park ave) and i parked a block away… $75 for 3 hours.

good thing i was able to expense that.

Sleepy’s VR4 > Jack’s VR4… W00T!! :noob:

was that a ZAP…lemme check with the judges…

YEP you have a ZAP

:crap: dammit.

If by ’ > ’ you mean more stealthy… yes
If by ’ > ’ you mean more boost… yes
If by ’ > ’ you mean white and not red… yes
If by ’ > ’ you mean both run better than yours… yes :wink:

I’m ready to race

Put some real mods on the car and then we’ll see if you are “ready to race” and not just that bolt on sissiness… :shoot: :wink:

oOohh sit.

My real mods are bolted onto the car, thus allowing it to start and move.


Blah blah blah… How does your brown eye feel after the Dan Georger pound-a-thon, transfer case edition? :rofl:


BTW - 120 bucks later… (I owe Jay 40) I am rippin shit up. I did check my oil yesterday to see a dry dipstick though… but oil pressure was still good :tup: hybrid

Dry dipstick no good… What if your precious 6G72 goes down the tubes?

lol… I pull a stealtth. Sell the shit cheap, and buy a real car :wink: