NYS passes $15 minimum wage [for ~200k fast food workers]


How do you get from point A to point B though? What is the catalyst? What comes first, the chicken, the egg or $15 per hour?


Who did all these menial tasks in our country before the influx of undocumenteds?


Nah, must have been a different Pavel. My brother was first into construction and now owns an auto transport company.

According to the majority of contractors from around the US on ContractorTalk, the majority of the problem with either wage collapse or stagnation of growth of wages in the construction industry is the past decades of illegals flooding in and offering extremely cheap rates of labor. Enough developers went with them to cause the industry to be upended. That’s a lot of Americans that lost their chance at turning that screwdriver.

The whole immigration issue is a thorny issue with me having had to go through the process of bringing my wife here from Ukraine and all the official hassle that goes with that. Went through over $20k in cash, spent 1.8 years in Ukraine while leaving a $35k a year net income behind at the time. Oh and yes, I did work for a nice $300 a month making high end stair cases, doors etc. (Half of which I am still owed for hahaha) All fine and dandy because that’s just the way the system is right now, no matter how horrid I believe it to be. However, when these nutjobs try to push amnesty and whatever other crap they come up with for illegals, you cannot imagine my frustration. So yes, I come to the table with a certain negative view of most illegals who had no regard for the system whatsoever to begin with. We are supposed to welcome them with open arms and have some compassion? Give me a break! Well another issue and conversation entirely!


Slaves, then indentured servants, then children and European immigrants, then migrant workers and such.


This was more immigration based on ability to support people and not using “we have more land than people so we can have more people come here” argument as a economic support.

The $15 an hour will adjust itself as more people who according to the argument are being a motivation for kids to not pay attention in school as they can make $15 a hour at McDonalds will work itself out as the work force increases to fill few jobs and make the requirements to work there a lot higher than high school fuck up.