NYS passes $15 minimum wage [for ~200k fast food workers]


If I had to pay employee’s $15/hr they would have to earn it. I see a future where the people that are getting a free raise w/o adding any new value will be replaced by people with more Give-a-Shitivity and drive.

THEN, we will have to make a universal minumum wage to level the playing field… again.


The US doesn’t have overpopulation. We have 80 people per square mile across the country. Japan has 800 people per square mile.


As long as the person is doing a good job, making within the range of pay the job generally gets paid(fair and competitive) they should get a raise thats also fair.

I mean everyone knows the more hours they work the more money they make, but their wage should be fair as long as they are doing their part and are a good employee.

Last year i probably could have worked as much overtime as i wanted but to me, i dont live to work, i work to live. I enjoy having my saturday and Sunday off. So i didnt work a ton of overtime but generally have 2-4hrs overtime each week before doing an extra day(sat). If my boss told me if i want to make more money that i need to work more hours. I would say “see ya later”, then again my boss is a millionaire and im not even close to the highest pay my job can make. Also helps im skilled trade and in high demand, i could probably leave and get hired the next day with possible more pay.

I understand youre talking about an employee that sounds like they complain alot and probably do a half assed job.


Yeah, most of my employees are great but there always seems to be that percentage and they always seem to be the least worthy.


Added value is something lost on people.


fun fact- you could give every American citizen 1/2 acre of land in Texas.


Well we’re glad people like your family are coming here! Side note: I attended Lowry Middle School from 99-2002


If memory serves me right, I started 6th grade in 2002, maybe 2003. You may have heard of my brother at the time. He was always fighting. Pavel (Paul) Panasyuk. Then there were my sisters Lyudmila and Anna Panasyuk who are all older.

If the current trend of people moving to cities continues, then we have an extensive capacity of extra population. Provided thing like food wasted etc. improve. The question is, do we want that? I for one would not mind an influx of engineers, programmers, doctors etc. into the country. Hundreds of millions if they are out there. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the kind of migration we are seeing today.


Did Pavel go to RIT or just live in Rochester area 2002-2003ish?


I also went there as did my wife… But I graduated high school in 02, god I’m old.
my brother Ben would have been there 99-02




It’s not just the amount of people…

They’re clearing the rainforest in brazil to make grazing land for cattle, clean available drinking water is already hard to provide to everyone on the planet and for every new person there’s a ton of infrastructure built and fossil fuels burned to make and deliver their wants and needs over their lifetime.

This is easily the worlds most serious problem.

Imagine if there were only 3 billion people on earth right now instead of 6+… climate change, animal habitat loss, pollution, etc. would all be much less of a concern. 20-30 years from now the world population is expected to double again. It’s scary shit.


Are you arguing that we should not have more children, or that we should have fewer people migrate to the US? It seems that you are touching on a different topic.

As for water, that is a location problem. The world has PLENTY of fresh water for our <7 billion residents, but people live in areas where water is scarce due to climate, war, poverty, etc… Building infrastructure creates jobs, and while fossil fuels are burnt for everything that we do, many places are offsetting that with green initiatives.


You don’t base economical over population on land size. /facepalm

Skilled labor markets are growing, unskilled labor is falling. We don’t have the need for anyone here who wants to turn a screw driver anymore as the demand for jobs unskilled labor already exceeds the workforce which is why we still have adults working part time jobs trying to make a living when they typically were starting points for youth.

Back to the club comparison, when the club is empty the cover is cheaper, the dress code is lighter, and the attractiveness is lowered. As the club gets full and you reach max capacity, the cover goes up and the requirements to enter go up.


You are saying that we don’t have a need for people to turn a screwdriver? What are all of the people crossing the border from Mexico doing then? The US has HUGE needs for that type of labor.


Tell your waterjet guy to get to work… fucker. lol


Illegally since most manufacturing and manual unskilled labor is too costly to do here.


Again, I think you are arguing two different things. If they are doing it illegally, that means there is a need for it. Cheap labor or not, people wouldn’t pay someone to do a job if it wasn’t needed.


US has a huge need for people to come across undocumented and do manual labor that is too costly to have real jobs for here? These positions don’t exist in a economical sense where there is a unskilled labor demand. They exist due to the fact you can pay someone very cheap off the books to perform a service that would normally be 5x higher on the books to be done legally.

We have a booming manufacturing industry if you do it off the books and hide your waste and pay illegals instead of the federal minimum and pay the taxes.


Youre saying turning a screwdriver isnt skilled trade right? If so i agree as in eletrical, plumbing, hvac is not just turning a screwdriver.

I think he ment turning a screwdriver isnt skilled trade.