NYS passes $15 minimum wage [for ~200k fast food workers]


I hate the direction this state and country are headed. Fucking Blue garbage


It will McDonalds for the first time in a long time has been reducing stores instead of adding them.

The fast food industry outside of Panera/Chipotle and more healthy places are struggling quarter after quarter.

The other part of this nobody is really mentioning is NYC is driving a lot of this other large cities have pushed for higher minimum wages and got them but NYC isn’t the rest of the state.

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People will still need to work on these trucks

People will still need to pave roads

People will still need to write code for these trucks



Unless you’re making the 100+ year argument about capitalism and society in general.


@38stang is kind of making the “if everyone has _____, no one has ______” argument. Remember when people were told the best way to move up in life was to get a college degree? People were touted as being “the first one in the family to go to college!” Now that so many people bought into it and everyone has a degree it’s become difficult to find a job despite having one. Now the conventional wisdom is that if you want to really move up in life you need to have a masters degree. Oh and by the way we should make 4 year degrees free now because we kinda made them worthless, lol.

@tpgsr because it’s not going to hurt them. It’s hurts the franchisee. And the franchisees have been speaking out, albeit with the small voices that they have. @LZ1 I’m talking more along the lines of existing franchises. Do we know if McDonald’s isn’t authorizing more franchises or if less franchises are being applied for?

@BOBBYGRV the biggest take-away from that page is don’t have a kid if you can’t afford it. Horay for abortions! Or if you’re not into the whole grey-area-baby-thing, horay for condoms! Or if you’re not into condoms… @IanK



One manager, one cook and a bunch of these.



I agree that it will hurt the franchisee but in turn that will affect the corporation. If people react like me and stop patronizing the establishments then same store sales will decrease as will the rake that corporate takes off the top.

The college degree thing is a joke. Of my close friends from high school only one or maybe two of them make more than me with their degrees. Both of them have specialized technical degrees. ME and Architect. I am glad that I went to college and experienced it, I am more glad that I don’t have 150K in debt to pay off.

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What do you need a cook for. We can just replace them with this:

People that deserve $15 an hour will build the machines to replace the imbeciles that think they deserve $15. There will be two people in the store that make $20 an hour to keep the machine running at peak performance. The restaurant will be net positive on labor costs and the machine is a depreciable asset.


For every nugget you don’t eat I’m eating two!


I kinda see both sides to this. If they raise Pat Flipper’s hourly rate to $15 you can bet your ass most everyone else will get a pay increase in the near future. Considering rampant outsourcing and automation…we almost have to pay menial labor more or we will be subsidizing social loafing as tax payers. Do I think jobs will be replaced with kiosks, yes I do. Do I think menial labor is worth $15, no I do not. Is this a cost of living reality check, most likely.


speaking of subsidizing social loafing… how about a guaranteed minimum income for every American citizen instead of government benefits based on income???

but the jobs!! the jobs running the “79 means tested programs”!!! wont someone think of the jobs!!!

More recently, in a 2006 book, conservative intellectual Charles Murray proposed eliminating all welfare transfer programs, including Social Security and Medicare, and substituting an annual $10,000 cash grant to everyone 21 years and older. The Alaska Permanent Fund, funded by investments from state oil revenues, sends annual dividend checks to the state’s residents. Switzerland is voting on an unconditional basic income later this year. (Though the fundamental basic-income guarantee involves an unconditional grant to every citizen, no matter their wealth or age, other versions wouldn’t cut checks to those in top tax brackets or those receiving Social Security.)

“In 2012, there were 179 million Americans between the ages of 21 and 65 (when Social Security would kick in). The poverty line was $11,945. Thus, giving each working-age American a basic income equal to the poverty line would cost $2.14 trillion.”



Check out “Dying of Money”. They pitch something that makes sense (IMO) for a well developed 1st world nation…the “national dividend”.



Maybe if they put half the effort into bitching about everything into trying to better themselves I think this country would be a lot better off. I’d have no problem with this wage increase if the people getting it were making an effort to deserve it.

Perfect example, Us Dubs in the buff members get together ever Sunday night at bubble tea. A handful always go to Taco Bell and it takes them 35-40 minutes to get their order, It’s not rocket science, and half the employees are standing around the parking lot smoking the whole time. I’m sorry but you don’t deserve $15 an hour. Maybe if they were actually trying to do their job I would be more ok with this.

I’m willing to bet almost everyone on this board had a minimum wage job at some point. The reason we are not still there is because they worked for it, not just sat around and waited for someone to give it to us.


I’m surprised nobody has said “if they made $15 an hour they would care more about their job”. I’m relieved because we get out of life what we want or think we’re worth…nothing more, nothing less.


Becauae us rational people know they still won’t give a fuck about their jobs, they’ll be getting $15 an hour to fuck around a flip burgers. Isn’t that the true American Dream? Get as much as you can with as little effort as possible. That’s sure what it seems like these days


The “rational” people I encounter day to day in 'Murica seem few & far between. :wink: The true American Dream is that white picket fence, a wife that doesn’t know about your Ashley Madison account and becoming an executive that makes boatloads of money for pretending to be the smartest guy in the room.


shit, I have none of those things. I’m way off the American Dream! I only have a black chain link fence


That’s racist.




I talked about this with my student assistants today. I said consider Austin, TX and the boom (arguable bubble) they’ve experienced. I assume cost of living is higher in Austin than many other parts of Texas, so why benchmark state wage/economics on a boomtown? Cost of living factors itself in to a great extent IMO. Does anyone make the Federal minimum in say San Fran? I doubt it very much, I’m too occupied (schoolwork, trying to better myself) to bother checking on Monster.com though. :slight_smile:


The point is they are not the best nor the brightest.

They seem to be under the notion that if they make more $ for the same amount of effort, they are winning.

What they fail to understand is that they will cause inflation and be able to afford the same amount or less of their cheap booze or cigarettes and be in the exact same place or worse than they are now.


they should pass it, and mail them their paychecks, and when they open their paychecks, they realize they were paid $9.50/hr.

then those fuckers will know what it feels like when they only get half my order right.


I think the only ones that deserve this are chipotle employees. Those motherfuckers make a mean burrito.
While tonight I had McDonald’s for the first time in years and had to spray shit 20 mins later.