NYS passes $15 minimum wage [for ~200k fast food workers]


Cost push or demand pull?

LOL snowracer, we don’t often agree but that was fucking awesome.


I have so many things to say about this.


Cost increases are only 12-15% assuming each item across the board is being increased.

Decreasing demand, higher costs, and the innovation of newer places coming up as an alternative will work this way out. If you have been to major airports like JetBlue at JFK, they already have counters with ordering terminals. You walk up, select your meal, and pay there. When your number comes up, you grab the food.

Will only be a matter of time for McDonalds to stay profitable and move away from people in so many places.


Rather than re-typing my thoughts from FB land…

“Successful automation (and even outsourcing) requires a shift in economic models/thinking. If we don’t need the masses for labor yet our ability to earn a living/sustain is tied to trading our labor for money…something has to give.”

“And therein lies our problem, capitalism will have devoured and crapped itself out at that point. Conscious capitalism is a cycle, a machine. If we remove cogs from the machine the machine breaks down. Crony capitalism is when greed keeps capitalists from properly lubing the cogs in their machine, shit corrodes and seizes up. LOL”

“Get ready for kiosks. Pay a lump on a log $15 or pay a tech $15 to maintain 12 kiosks. Hrmmm, tough business decision there.”


In the end, a kiosk is better at upselling than an employee. Every order processed that kiosk asks if you want cookies or a iced coffee. High school kids don’t want to be bothered to go that extra step.


This entitlement complex we have as a country, coupled with the international megaphone known as the internet will be the end of us. Armageddon isn’t going to be from global warming, a nuclear war, an asteroid or anything remotely worthwhile. It’s going to happen because an entitled group of people are going to do something monumentally stupid that kills everyone. (ie- Anti-vaxxers)


If a majority of the workforce (menial labor) is replaced by automation, how will those folks earn money to buy food at said kiosk? This is perhaps the catch 22 of all catch 22’s. Corporate profits would likely be a thing of the past leading to even more corporate welfare. Citizens would face an even worse job market leading to even more government assistance. This is a snake eating its own tail, this crony capitalism game we’re playing. Tick tock.


You can stop right there. It all boils down to this. I’m entitled to a family supporting wage no matter how menial my job or how little effort I’ve put in towards bettering myself. Maybe if the best job you ever see yourself doing is flipping burgers at McDonalds you shouldn’t be having kids because you can’t afford them.


What majority? Machines wont replace a majority and as machines and automation becomes more prevalent there is an expanding manufacturing, sales, service, maintenance presence. All jobs will not just disappear. I work in Automation with one of the global leaders in Automation and boy are there a lot of high paying jobs tied to it.

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What Beck said and this.



^^^ what I imagine Jam thinking as he reads some of these posts :slight_smile:


I’m tired of every kid getting a trophy or people telling their kids they deserve the world. The bottom line is there are winners and losers in life. My friend’s kid plays softball and they don’t keep score, because they don’t want the kids to get upset. SCREW THAT. Don’t hate hedge fund managers because they make $500,000,000 a year. Don’t hate Aaron Rodgers because he makes $25,000,000 a year to “play a game”. People that complain about athletes making so much money are THE WORST.

My sister is the perfect example of this. “Must be nice to…” and “You’re so lucky you get to…”. No I’m not lucky. I work hard. I make sacrifices because I want nice things in life and you’re god darned right it is nice to be able to afford small luxuries and not worry about putting food on the table. The problem is people making $8/hour cannot afford to live the lifestyle their family members and friends are who are making $40,000, $50,000 or $150,000 more than them. So instead of doing something about it, lets complain. Let’s talk about how life should be fair because I deserve the same stuff my peers do.

I’ll be happy to keep score at my daughter’s soccer game, even if the league doesn’t. I’ll also happily stand on the field after the game and let them know that they blew the other team out 20-5 and the other team is a bunch of whiny losers.




I’m sorry, but I’ve had more than enough of the “well there aren’t any good jobs out there” argument.

There are 3 million good paying jobs out there that no one wants. The problem is they require more effort, training and actual work than the people flipping burgers and wanting $15/hr for it are will to do.

If you don’t follow Mike Rowe on Facebook you really should. His mikeroweWORKS Foundation is one of the few non-political organizations really shining a light on this problem.


You stop it right now @Beck. These people took time out their oh so busy lives to go downtown and picket. They put a lot of effort into getting those signs made and putting together all the fine details into making sure they get all of their fellow hard working, burger flippin’ brethren to stand side by side and show us why they deserve $15 an hour.


Claims to not be able to live on current minimum wage:

Got them new Jordans though!

Designer bag, Fur coat…

Jordans, designer belt buckle…


Dude in front, Jordans, Mary Jane themed socks, girl next to him, Jordans again…


Nice Timbs, Jordans, designer hat, diamond earrings…

Nice timbs right in the middle…

Poverty/=Having the latest Jordans. Not my problem your wages don’t support your lifestyle. Can’t afford your rent, sell your Jordans and buy shoes from Payless.


Automation and outsourcing replace the need for domestic labor, this is not rocket science. The expansion you state matter of factly requires paying customers, does it not? Not everyone can earn a living as a manager, skilled tradesman or politician. Capitalism logically becomes less sustainable as the middle class erodes. I’d LOVE to see productive jobs come back to our country! We may see some, but considering much of our national wealth is stagnant/overseas averting taxation & productive domestic investment…the nation can’t afford demand pull inflation…yet.




Who do you think pays for most of that crap guys? Fucking all of us, either through direct taxation or the government we elect (collectively) pilfering the spending power of our nest eggs. Uhhhhh


But er’one knows dat the more kids you have the more $ you get form the gov/state…cmon now son


We work away to pay taxes to fund people on the system. They drive nice cars and work very little.

Who are the idiots here?


Fact. The go-mint needs to stop enticing baby making. I’ll gladly pay school taxes, I took from that system and must replenish to make it whole again. Beyond that if people want to make babies there should be no forced subsidization. That said I bet we are all hypocrites, how many of us said no thanks to the STAR property tax credit?