NYS passes $15 minimum wage [for ~200k fast food workers]


It isn’t working in Seattle either. There is a ton of backlash already and it is still just being phased in.



I just posted something very similar on FB. $15 in 2021 will still be peasant wage I imagine. I think this may be leaders anticipating interest rates adjusting, inflation hitting and a ploy to increase tax revs collected.

What is this, logic? GTFO of NY with that bullshit.


You need to teach them work ethics and the value of their time then let them decide for themselves. We need both burger flippers and part runners.

I’ve done both and would rather run parts, even if it paid less.


Socialism is really making a comeback. I blame social media which is effectively giving everybody a blow horn to complain about how unfair life is. Glad I left NY.


That was more a rhetorical question but obviously yes, that’s correct.

The demographic that wants this $15 is the same demographic that will choose easy job/easy pay over education and work ethic.

And no, I’m not saying this is a black people problem. It’s a poverty problem. Low income families breed low income attitudes, and this is giving them a crutch rather than an out.


So the only applies to large national chains mighty taco won’t be effected lol

It’s national chains with 30 or more stores


I have been working since 7am today. I have several hours left to go. My 4 year old stayed up for an hour past her bed time and kept me company in my office. She is learning what hard work is right from the source. I agree that it is all about work ethic and attitude and historically families that are the “haves” stay in that position because they poise their children for success.

If what I have spent 50+ hours working on the last couple days pans out I will make more in a week than these people do in a year and I find that completely fair because it wasn’t always that way and I have paid my dues over and over.

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If this action it is not carefully crafted I feel like the Owners of each McDonalds could fight this in court as they probably only own 1 or a few stores.


Obama will make it all better. I put all my faith and trust in him. I can’t wait for him to get elected for a third term.


“If we raise the minimum wage we’ll get all these people off public assistance”.

The notion that employees are intentionally working less to preserve their welfare has been a hot topic on talk radio. While the claims are difficult to track, state stats indeed suggest few are moving off welfare programs under the new wage.

Despite a booming economy throughout western Washington, the state’s welfare caseload has dropped very little since the higher wage phase began in Seattle in April. In March 130,851 people were enrolled in the Basic Food program. In April, the caseload dropped to 130,376.

At the same time, prices appear to be going up on just about everything.

Some restaurants have tacked on a 15 percent surcharge to cover the higher wages. And some managers are no longer encouraging customers to tip, leading to a redistribution of income. Workers in the back of the kitchen, such as dishwashers and cooks, are getting paid more, but servers who rely on tips are seeing a pay cut.

It’s bad enough to be the first place dumb enough to do something, but it’s so much worse when you sit there and watch how it didn’t work then go, “We’re going to try that too!”.


This was my thinking exactly. When you work in a system that doesn’t reward those who work hard to improve themselves, what’s the motivation to work hard? I’m teaching my son that hard work pays off and sitting around doing nothing doesn’t get you anywhere. Everything you see out there shows the exact opposite.



All the people in love with Bernie Sanders is pretty scary.


I’m afraid to have children in NY, I really mean it.


I would move if you’re not already tied down.


I find it hilarious that most of the people complaining about this group of uneducated people who got together, petitioned and striked to earn double their pay are also reliant on labor unions as their voice. Every time those union dues come out of your check, think of who the real idiots are.


Which of us are reliant on Unions? I think that most of us are white collar workers.


Most I have seen work in hospitals, public sector like teachers, and other union based organizations.

If you are white collar you should understand why this $15/hour means nothing and will die out.


OH ok, I thought that you meant here. You meant the rest of the internet.It

has very significant meaning. It may not be a solution to anything and is completely political pandering, but to just force a wage for a single occupation and place that burden on a single classification of business owner is absurd.


Or a subtle increase in wage over 6 years in an industry that is already having issues and made investors aware 2 years ago they are working to improve ordering with automated terminals in store, web, and mobile payment and apps. Fast food is in the decline and these jobs are not long term. It was mentioned before, nothing pushes innovation than rising costs and now McDonalds and other companies have sudden urges to invest in technology.

Look at their balance sheets on their investor pages. They run about 5-6% profit per store. Their labor costs increase 50% their prices need to go up 10-15% to accommodate which now pushes them into the range of other competing food providers that are more “healthier” in the public eye. McDonalds sales are slowing so if they are not cramming more people in the store, they need to up their prices to make up the loss where other chains that are staying ahead and growing like Chipotle are not going to have as much of an issue with the small rise in labor costs if this expanded.

Hell, I have been messing around with a burger flipper and cooker on my grill with a $30 raspberry pi. Billion dollar corps should have no problems.


As much as I hesitate to jump into this pile… I’m going to with my thoughts… take this for whatever you want.

  1. This being only fast food workers is an issue, it should be across the board.
  2. People always bitch about how much our “safety nets” cost, but then something like this comes along which will get these people off public assistance, then they bitch about that too.
  3. The more liquidity the bottom 50% of the population has, the stronger the economy; they have more $$ to spend and have to spend to survive.
  4. The “inflation” monster will NOT consume all of this extra $$. Yes, some prices will increase, but not enough to consume all the increased liquidity of that class of society.
  5. The education system is fucked. You want people off public assistance, then educate them, teach them critical thinking skills, give them a GOOD REAL basic education instead of this bullshit creationism crap.
  6. The education system and keeping people “stupid” is all part of the plan… people are easier to control when they can not think for themselves, this allows the powers that be to stay in control by getting people to vote against their own self-interests.
  7. Getting another job or starting a business isn’t something that a lot of these people can do… whether you want to admit it or not. The way society, the legal system, and the education system have created these people; they do not have the know-how or drive in general to be able to do these things. There has ALWAYS been this part of the population who JUST want a job they can make a decent living at then go home to their family. The manufacturing jobs, union jobs, etc that built the blue-collar liveable wage way after WWII that built this country up is what made the economic engine of this country run. Middle and lower class that had $$ to both live and spend. These “workers” are needed in society; if everyone was “hyper driven” then society doesn’t work; a well balanced lower, middle, upper class with true across the board class mobility is what makes a society operate well.
  8. In observing a lot of the comments here and on FB and other news sources… the oligarchs have us doing exactly what they want… arguing amongst each other instead of uniting to address the real issues regarding wealth inequality, the decline of the middle class, the fucked up legal and education systems, etc.

Take this for what it’s worth. I know not everyone will agree with me, but that’s the great part about this country. We can have a discussion, disagree on things, agree on other things, and still keep respect for each other… although that ability is also fading in our society… it’s becoming if you don’t agree with me 100%, then fuck you and I hate you! <- side tyrant.


Why is anyone still discussing this? Thread title updated.

It would apply to employees at any fast-food restaurant with 30 or more locations, impacting an estimated 200,000 workers.

About 200k workers. So, with half of them not qualifying for state aid anyway because this what realistic savings is the state going to see? And what economic impact is 100k people going to make on anything?

And that number goes even lower when:

“Unfortunately, I can turn one of my registers into a kiosk and eliminate a position,” he said. “Labor is your second most expensive cost in this industry after the product.”

They just gave McDonald’s a 6-year implementation time for kiosks, if this even holds up in court.


“We have to wait six years for this to happen and we need it now,” said Stacey Ellis, who works at an Albany McDonalds. “By the time six years goes by it won’t need to be $15. It will need to be something even higher.”


Cliffs: It’s not going to have the impact the left thinks it will, and it’s not going to have the impact the right thinks it will either.

PS: Definition of a “Fast Food Employee” and “Establishment” from the resolution, with the actual resolution linked below:

“Fast Food Employee" shall mean
any person employed or permitted to work at or for a
Fast Food Establishment by any employer where such person’s job duties include
at least one of the following: customer service, cooking, food or drink preparation, delivery,
security, stocking supplies or equipment, cleaning, or routine maintenance.

“Fast Food Establishment” shall mean any establishment in the state of New York
serving food or drink items:
(a) where patrons order or select items and pay before eating
and such items may be consumed on the premises, taken out, or delivered to the
customer’s location; (b) which offers limited service; © which is part of a chain; and (d)
which is one of thirty (30) or more establishments nationally, including: (i) an integrated
enterprise which owns or operates thirty (30) or more such establishments in the
aggregate nationally; or (ii) an establishment operated pursuant to a Franchise where the
Franchisor and the Franchisee(s) of such Franchisor owns or operate thirty (30) or more
such establishments in the aggregate nationally.


So a pizza delivery guy from Dominoes will make $15/hr but your local Pizza place delivery guy will not. Guess who’s not getting tips anymore?