NYS passes $15 minimum wage [for ~200k fast food workers]


that sounded suspicious…

I made $13 drafting lol


Not all college degrees are a waste. Depends on the school, if there is a need for people with your degree and if you received any scholarships. If you bust your ass in high school.and apply like crazy for scholarships you can get a lot of your tuition paid for.

I went to UB, bought a house my first year out of school and paid off my student loans in under 3 years. And I only had a partial scholarship the first year.


The $15 rule only applies to chains with 30 or more locations

This is going to protect the small business but I can also where it might hurt it. Seems like its going to create a ton of inequality, think taco bell vs mighty / chain pizza vs local pizza.


It will be interesting to see how these chains change their tactics to make themselves excluded from this. They say that ‘fast food’ is considered to be paid for at the counter. Don’t be surprised when they start rolling out table service to avoid the ‘fast food’ classification.


wife and I are very similar. She went to Nazareth for undergrad and The Hartt school for masters and teaches in a school district. I went to UTI, turned wrenches, worked to get a desk job and now make double her income…


A 4 year degree at this point is largely a waste of money thanks to everyone getting masters degrees :lol:

4 year became the new high school diploma :slight_smile:

There was a point in time where it wasn’t YOU HAVE TO GOTO COLLEGE because there were lots of trades you could get into and make really good money but nobody wants to do that anymore.


It’s of course field specific but…a BS degree and 2 years work experience will initially trump a 6 year Masters degree I imagine. Bachelors have become a mere foot in the door while the Masters degree seems to have lost its competitive edge in many cases…because everyone has one. Kids got their BS, couldn’t find a job and said might as well rack up more debt for the Masters. I’m not looking to discuss BA degrees…just because. LOL




Goddamn. They probably tell applicants in lieu of pay their benefits & retirement will make up the difference.



thats a lot more than 8.75/hr when you factor all the crazy benefits. I make just a hair less working for the state than I would elsewhere, but factoring in my benefits (family health ins $300/mo, $500k life ins. W/short and long term dis for $30/mo and retire w/70% pension) I make way more. Architecture sucks (pay wise)

but 8.75 sucks a big one

Thinking about it more, I don’t think I have ever made that little, even BS crap jobs in high school


Man I couldn’t imagine living on 8.75. Hell, I need to clear like $20-25 an hour just to get by.


Not much to tell ya, he worked for a design firm and now for Roswell. Has a waterfront townhouse that was 3xxK and a huge camp at Rushford. Maybe he just got lucky.



If you are arguing the exec branch manipulates data and can’t be trusted, not sure if you want to start with Obama because it has been pretty much maxed out under the right wing exec office.


There isn’t anything to argue about. There isn’t a single executive branch that hasn’t spun numbers in their favor regardless of political affiliation. In fact there is a position in charge of doing just that: press secretary :slight_smile:





Hahaha, I’m so glad I don’t use Facebook anymore.