NYS passes $15 minimum wage [for ~200k fast food workers]



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Uhm… but a cash movement in the lower part of the economy is what helps the economy… when people have $$ to spend the economy does better and grows. Them spending $$ is a good thing, them having $$ to spend on things other than necessities is a good thing for the overall economy.


Based on my FB feed, 75% of people are against this and they have various reasons. Most include the comparison to EMT’s, Police, Firefighters and other workers not making as much. Then you have those who defend this saying that we are just hateful people who don’t want to see others succeed.

Regardless of your take on it, the one thing we should all agree on is that this is just another example of the governor finding a way to force something through that was originally declined. He went and formed his own hand picked wage board and will force this through. I feel like this is the Safe Act all over again, only now we are rewarding the people who protested, where the people who protested against the Safe Act got nowhere.

Just another reason why this state is a place you should leave if you can.


Trust me when I say… be careful what you wish for… all states have their issues, trust me! You have no idea what we’re dealing with out here in UT, wow… The grass isn’t always greener somewhere else. Nothing like not having your kid be allowed to play with the neighborhood kids because we’re of a different religion and they don’t see us at their church on Sundays.


Because who the fuck moves to Utah :lol:


<-- this guy does when Moog makes you an offer/deal that you’d be a jackass to refuse!


But it’s Utah unless you want 10 wives you don’t move there.


LOL! There is a lot of good things here, but it’s balanced by some serious BAD!

Weather is great even in winter (6" at my house = 3’ at the resorts. I can have a green lawn and a 200" base 30 minutes away!), Hiking/outdoors stuff is awesome as well as the boarding/skiing, overall it’s a safe state, taxes are low (5% flat income, 6.x sales); but fuck if the church doesn’t run EVERYTHING here, and if you’re not one of them you’re an outsider. And the eduction system is a fucking joke; thus my son is in private catholic school.


They DO look at the data. They just use data they want from the source they want.

Boxxa quoted a DOL “myth busting” page likely without realizing that the DOL isn’t really a primary source, its visible side (website) is arguably biased because it’s part of the executive branch under the Obama administration and used older data.

I think all media does this, left and right.

… And start the ball rolling downhill towards making all minimum wage jobs $15/hr.


While I don’t disagree with you, I just don’t think that we are to the point of being able to start this process, especially led by Gov. Cuomo and his “wage board” recommendation.

I just don’t believe that Cuomo is the one who should be leading the charge on this one. He wants to be known as the one who forged this path, but I don’t think it’s his path to forge, while putting the weight on the backs of franchise owners across the state.

As you said though, after seeing more details on it, the fact that it affects a smaller portion of owners vs. what we originally thought, it won’t actually happen for quite some time and also the fact that these restaurants will most likely have a system in place to combat this, makes all of these arguments a lot more petty in the grand scheme of things.

Bottom line- This was just an extremist decision done by a reckless governor who has a history of forcing his agenda through the lawmakers who weren’t onboard with him.


Well, this is politics after all. Cuomo wants to seek a higher national office. $15/hr min wage is becoming as a national issue / discussion. Now he can say he has a record of getting said $15/hr min wage.


Buffalo Moog? That’s pretty sweet. I have a few buddies there.


Yup, the Moog that’s headquartered in East Aurora.


Seems like the politicians know who their voter is, and they are going after them.

Basically buying votes from the working poor.

When I was out of college, I worked a bank and made 12 bucks an hour. Didn’t get a raise for five years.

I know people still there who make less than $15.

So, will all the shitty office employees quit to go and work at a fast food job?

They actually might do better, some of the large fast food companies may offer a better deal on Health Insurance than a small office/company. So they would make more and pay less for Healthcare.

Its absolute bullshit.

I know tons of people in WNY who make under 15 bucks an hour.

I think that the market demand should drive salary rates, not a government regulation.

When they start pushing $15 per hour, employees will start cutting peoples hours in half, and doing other things to game the system.

Finally, I had McDonalds for the first time in at least a year yesterday. Ordered a premium chicken wrap. Tasted terrible, strange dressing, almost rotten smelling. Threw the whole thing in the garbage and ate peanuts at my desk for lunch.

I do not see how businesses like this do not die.

Down here in Austin, the chain places have a tough time. The local restaurants are so good, and the local chains are so good.

There was one Arby’s near my house, it closed. There is like one burger king near my house, it is empty. McDonalds is still everywhere, but they are getting killed.

There are so many fresh salad, wrap places around I have no idea why anyone eats at a chain.

I also ate at a Chipolte for the first time down here in Texas. Place was a dump, dirty bathroom, not good food. Dirty tables everywhere. I will never go back to that.


yo that premium chicken wrap is nasty! sometime at my old job I wouldn’t really have time to go home or sit down somewhere so drive thru it was- and there were mcdonalds everywhere. I would usually get a mcdouble and a hot and spicy mcchicken and make them into one big sandwich (mcgangbang but I prefer the term “fatboy”) that was it, no fries, I always had a bottle of water with me… anyway. one day at work someone brought in those coupons that mcd’s mail people, and that was one of them so I was like, why not, its cheap…

YO. it was fucking gross. idk what the sauce was but it was terrible, just fucking terrible. and the chicken like wasn’t even fully cooked. I threw it away.

also, that job sucked so much. fuck that place


I’m so confused by how this is a good thing, from a salary standpoint for college graduates.

If you take all of the lowest level workers in the country that make $18,000/yr at full time, but raise their salaries all to $32,000/yr, wouldn’t inflation happen to match that newly increase of 50% pay, essentially making it still go just as far? Raising the bottom would make everything else match the costs… right?

So, looking at that inflation, wouldn’t that ruin the middle class? It would essentially make the people with $50,000 salaries get only $27,000 worth of goods today if they don’t get a raise, due to everything costing 50% more? I don’t see the salary employee’s getting the same percentage raise as the minimum wage workers…

Isn’t that how it’s going to work? Money is going to be worth less?


Not necessarily. Based on low interest rates & moderate monetary velocity one might argue we have been fighting deflation throughout this recovery (outside of the stock market). There are many moving pieces/variables that determine if/when prices inflate. Are increased labor costs rolled into the price of food? Do the fast food workers spend their newfound wealth on the food they prepare, or elsewhere? Etc…


These fast food workers better step up their game because there is going to be a lot of over-qualified people hungry for that $15/hr start pay. I would do it for another job without a doubt.


tell me more about this money-making architect.

the part about this $15/hour thing that kills me is that is just about how much I was making starting at an architecture firm out of school in 2005. Somehow I managed to get by on $30k a year until I started to get raises.


Mo Money, mo problems


College degree thing is a joke I agree.

Guy I know dropped out of high school in the 10th grade. Bought rental houses, and has been renting them out for 15 years. Also works a trade and makes good money. Has no debt, owns all his properties free and clear and the money just piles up in the bank.

My wife went to Hilbert for her Undergraduate, then UB For her Masters in Social Work. Then state of Texas gave her a license, now she still needs 2 years of “Supervision” so that she can get the Clinical License for social work.

Meanwhile she makes $35k and owes $600 per month in student loans.

I went to shitty tech school in NY, and came to Texas and got a bunch of IT certs, and my student loan payment is under $100 per month, and I make double what the wife does, and I’ve only been down here 3 years.