NYSMSP Basic RiderCourse 2 & Advanced RiderCourse

Has anyone taken a MSF class other than the basic “get your license” course held at HVCC?

Thanks in advance.

Personally I took the first class and never looked back. If you want to take your riding to the next level. You need to go to a motorcycle school like the CSBS.

Is that a racing school? I’m not looking to get into that… Unless they have bikes that you can borrow and ride around a racetrack, in that case interested. Kinda. Lol

Never took the advanced course so sorry I can’t help. I took te basic for my license a while back and regretted it. It was basically a course for anyone who has never seen a motorcycle before, i felt like i wasted my money. Based on that course I would expect to much for the “advanced” rider course.

You got the insurance discount for your car and motorcycle insurance though. That’s definitely paid for the course by now.

sure but you can get that with a $40 defensive driving course. I think the hvcc class was like $250 when I took it like 10 years ago. I do know you get an additional motorcycle insurance discount for the advanced course though, not sure how much but I was asked if I took it when I switched insurance this past year.

You can, but you can only have one defensive driving course at a time. If you do both they’ll both pay for themselves.

That’s what I did anyways.

California super bike school dose let you use a bike for an added fee, but the level of control you learn far suppresses anything we have up here.

This. The class was insanely easy… I watched people drop bikes and pass. Saw a guy plow into a tree on a 250 while wearing gardening gloves worth every penny!:rofl

lmao @ garden gloves

LOOOOL I would pay $250 to see that any day

I took the BRC and worked for me.

I believe theres an office right next to Synapse now vs having to go to hvcc if you are in this area(saratoga). I took the course years ago and thought it was worth the cost back then. I have no idea what it costs now but id still say tothose that have little riding experience its definitely not a bad choice by any means.

I believe it’s still $250 like some of the guys said. It was decent, but as mentioned, it’s for people who’ve never seen a bike before. Some of the maneuvers weren’t even Bike 101…more like Bike 100.

Also, the bikes are complete crap. The clutch levers on those things will give you carpal tunnel.

You can use your own bike in the advanced courses.

You’re required* to use your own bike in the advanced courses.




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