NYSpeed.com BBQ ??/??/2005

It’s almost that time again folks, who’s interested? And when should it be?

Oh, it will be…

it will indeed.

i dunno when - perhaps a little bigger of a member base builds is when it will work best.

I was thinking since we’re still small it would be better. Either way, all the people who would want to show are already active members.

yea onyx has a good point actually… i say we do it in late july early august?

is there anyway u can let us know within a week and make it a lil ways away
like july or aug.

Make it in August, maybe first weekend?

wrd wrd I missed the last one but I won’t miss this one…I hope :stuck_out_tongue:

a non auto-x weekend would be fabulous as well

word i agree with onyx 100%

A saturday, in august

just like josh says…sooner would be better…everybody on here is active…and there are 100+ users so far…it would be a great turnout i think

i’ll turn you out baby

im on it…

don’t forget about me…please…? :tup: lol

totally agree… I’m down as long as it’s not the 13-14 of August, us DSMers will be in Ohio.

sounds like fun. i can go as long as i know a week ahead of time. where you it be most likley?

Ya, but if you make the BBQ for like a month or so from now, a lot more people will have signed up by then.

I’m down…

late july would be key…also as Chris said…not autoX sundays please :tup:

yea let’s do this up.

I think sooner… I think it should be a OMGWTFBBQNYSPEED kickoff.

I’m in…late july / early august would be perfect