NYSPEED Member Discount for RUSTKOTE Protection


what do you mean by a full treatment? that goes to the body of the car as well?


When I say a full treatment I mean it receives our 2 step application. (I try to clarify Full treatment because we do offer just the Bottom coat or undercarriage spray)

The 2 step process is like this:

1st Step- RUSTKOTE – RUST FIGHTER – Is the Bottom coat, it will creep and adhere to all of the seams and bends of the undercarriage. The coating will dry clear after a few days and will fully protect the underside of your vehicle. It then lifts any moisture off of the surface of the metal for it to evaporate or bead off. This particular bottom coat is developed to drip a lot less than traditional undercarriage sprays. This coating will continue to fight against any Corrosion for typically 1 year in our Buffalo environment.

2nd Step- RUSTKOTE – PENETRATOR Is the Top coat, which has many similar qualities as the bottom coat. Such as, it will creep and form into every seam and crevice. It then prevents and repels moisture from sitting on the panels of the vehicle. The top coat gets aerated into the inner panels of the vehicle. For example the doors, rocker panels, engine bay, firewall, strut towers, and so on… In order to fully protect these panels from interior corrosion some times we will need to drill small holes for our unique application wands so they can aerate this product into every crevice of the vehicle. We will then cap those holes with factory type plugs.


you mentioned $99 before 20 discount for a 4 door vehicle, will this apply to an suv or just compact sedan?


@RustKote, what do you charge for just the undercarriage treatment?

Edit: Also, this is a bit confusing. Your coupon image says any full-priced treatment.



The coupon is for $20 off of the full price and our pricing does vary based on the size of the vehicle. Here is a link to our pricing: http://www.rustkote.com/#!pricing/cxro

So an SUV would be $109.99 and you would receive $20 off so it would bring the Price before tax to $89.99.


I am sorry for the confusing wording, when I say a Full Price vehicle treatment I am referring to the Full Vehicle treatment which is a 2 Step Process . Which includes both the Bottom / Undercarriage Spray and the Top coat (aerated product into the rocker panels and pillars, doors… etc.

If you would like only the bottom coat applied to your vehicle, the price is: $59.99. And the coupon would not work on only the bottom coat.


Cool, thanks for the clarification


Interested in coming in. Does it matter which location I go to? Im guessing no


Booked mine, gotta book the wife’s.


Looking forward to getting my '16 STI done tomorrow!


I had my Mazda 3 treated last month. A few weeks after the treatment, I installed a trailer hitch and there is a barely noticeable clear film on everything under the car. Not super messy, but I would recommend wearing neoprene gloves when working underneath the car. The guy who did the treatment seemed extremely knowledgable and was very friendly.


Any of the locations will be able to assist you , just print out that coupon and bring it in with you at the time of your appointment. If you have any problems booking feel free to private message me…

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Thanks for the support everyone! And again if you have any problems please let me know.


Tom did my 2015 Silverado today and my dads 2014 ram about a month ago. Thanks !


See you at EHM Tuesday and Wednesday.


I need to make my appointment soon to get mine and the wifey’s done.


x2 - want to get this done soon


Got both my cars done this afternoon on Walden. They’re right next door to Licata’s for anyone interested. Spoke with the owner, Tom, who was very knowledgeable and helpful. He took the time to explain some parts about the process as well as how the corrosion takes place. Overall, I’m very happy with the experience and they still came in cheaper than Carwell with their coupon. They definitely have my recommendation and will be getting my business again.


Just had 2 cars coated by Tom at the Walden location this past weekend. Highly recommend and very personable.


Procrastinated and never scheduled mine before, I’ll be calling this week to get in asap


Raptor is getting koted right now as I type from the Walden location. Had Tom do it last year as well, top notch service.
As an added plus there is a good selection of car mags and keurig in the waiting room, lol