NYSPEED Member Discount for RUSTKOTE Protection


Just curious, but I plan on making my appointment shortly for this years treatment on my STI and I was wondering if there is a discount for 2016. The flyer on the front pages has a 12/31/2015 expiration date.


I had my fr-s done by carwell two years ago and was pretty happy with it despite my car smelling like a grease fryer for 3 months. Ive heard great things about RustKote as well. Convince me to come to you instead! What is different from what you do vs carwell?


Interested as well @RustKote if there is any promotion/discount like the one in the OP for this year.


Hey Guys, yes there is still a discount for NYSPEED Members but it is a little different than last year. I updated it on the first page so check it out.

The discount is: As a NYSPEED Member you can receive special Pricing off of a Full Vehicle Rust Prevention Treatment. (Not Valid on Bottom Kote Only) Offer is valid until 04/31/17 (April 31st 2017).

NYspeed discount is:

$10 off a Car, Minivan, SUV, Small Pick-Up Truck

$20 off Full Size Pick-Up Truck or Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck



I will be calling later this week to schedule an appoint for the Trailblazer and Minivan


Any additional paperwork required for the warranty? Planning on having my wife’s new car done on a yearly basis.


Getting mine done today as well as my plow atthe Walden location.
I had my dump trailer coated by another shop in MAY and I still get oil all over me every time I touch the thing. Rustkote is far superior in everyway.


So you have to re-apply every year with this Kote? Is there anything that just do it once? I just booked an appointment for a friend.



Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the one and done coatings were rubberized undercoatings that used to be common practice. However, I believe those can actually trap moisture and thus allow rust to form or even create an environment more conducive to rusting, thus why it’s not as popular anymore. The rust proofing process that Kote and Carwell do are yearly applications.


It’s yearly and if you get it done yearly on a new vehicle it carries a warranty


Made my appointment for Saturday


Was in and out in less than 45 min, and they surprised me with a car wash! With the NYSpeed discount came out to 97$ with tax. Thanks again!


Yes you are 100% correct the “lifetime” coatings out there look nice when they are first applied, but in the long term of the vehicle will actually cause more rust than they prevent. They many times tend to be thicker coatings and will actually clog the manufacturer drain channels and holes so the moisture ends up trapped and causes the vehicle to corrode much quicker.

As far as Rust prevention goes you want an active coating that will not just “blanket” or seal over of the structure of the vehicle but you want one that will creep and continue to move into all of the seams and crevices of a vehicles body.
This is best achieved by a annual application coating!

Further in our area here in Western NY we need to fight against the salt and road brine as well, that our vehicles are hit with from the winters.

We truly believe that our product at RustKote can do all of these things and keep your vehicle looking great and protected against corrosion.

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We are similar to Carwell in the fact that both company’s are corrosion protection with an annual application and Petroleum based coatings.

*I copied this from the other “Company Info and Locations” Thread because it explains our process nicely.

Our CEO Bill Balcom was Co-Founder of Krown Rust Control and former CEO of Carwell Products Inc.

Bill developed and co-founded Krown Rust Control in 1985. In 1991, he expanded into the United States with Carwell Products. Now, he has collaborated with chemists to bring his customers the best new formulas in rust protection -RUSTKOTE - “The Fighter” and “The Penetrator.”

RustKote products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-flammable.

*He believes that this is the best product he has ever created.

The actual rust protection service is a 2 step process.

1st Step- RUSTKOTE – RUST FIGHTER – Is the Bottom coat, it will creep and adhere to all of the seams and bends of the undercarriage. The coating will dry clear after a few days and will fully protect the underside of your vehicle. It then lifts any moisture off of the surface of the metal for it to evaporate or bead off. This particular bottom coat is developed to drip a lot less than traditional undercarriage sprays. This coating will continue to fight against any Corrosion for typically 1 year in our Buffalo environment.

2nd Step- RUSTKOTE – PENETRATOR Is the Top coat, which has many similar qualities as the bottom coat. Such as, it will creep and form into every seam and crevice. It then prevents and repels moisture from sitting on the panels of the vehicle. The top coat gets sprayed into the inner panels of the vehicle. For example the doors, rocker panels, and so on… In order to fully protect these panels from interior corrosion we may need to drill small holes for our unique application wands so they can aerate this product into every crevice of the vehicle. We will then cap those holes with factory plugs.

Other companies will just spray one product in both the under carriage and inside the interior structural panels. This is inferior because the “top coat” as we call it needs to be a thinner viscosity and really is best to be combined with compressed air and aerate the product so that it fully protects the interior panels. The bottom coat needs to be a little thicker and adhere to the undercarriage and stay protecting the vehicle as you drive and go through your daily life in Western NY weather.
Both products use Proprietary Polymers which are unique and owned by RustKote themselves. These polymers really help RustKote’s coating stay in place and intact on the vehicle until your next annual application.

Plus You will probably get the best deal by coming to RustKote!

Check us out and compare!

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Thanks again for the support and kind comments everyone!

If you have any problems or comments, please let me know!


Perfect. Thank you for explaining more in depth of what you guys do. Im not bashing carwell at all they are great but i went to them two years ago and would like to give another company some business and see how it is. Ill be making an appointment this week.

Do you guys drill into the rockers like carwell? Also do you spray the engine bay as well?



We try to use factory plug holes and drain or drip channels to access the vehicle panels whenever possible, because we do understand that many customers do not want holes added to their vehicle. Every vehicle is different though and when there is no access to the inside of a panel we will drill access holes and when we are finished, cover them with a factory style plug.

Rustkote also will protect the entire structure of the vehicle and will spray around the engine bay as well. So that the firewall, radiator support, strut towers, etc are all protected against corrosion. We have many questions about how messy the product will leave the engine bay because many of the members work on their own vehicles and don’t want to always be cleaning up a mess.

Honestly it will maintain a greasy feel but in my opinion it is really not that bad or dirty when working on your vehicle.


Awesome. Thank you for the info. I could care less if you have to drill into my 07 legacy its just a daily/ winter ride. And the mess doesnt bother me at all. In my eyes, the messier the better lol. That way you know there is a ton of product on the car to seep in and repel rust and corrosion. I want to say Carwell sprayed the whole engine bay down with their solution when I went but cant remember.


I’ll be in Monday at the Walden location for this years application. They even had it marked down from last year the NYSpeed member discount thing :tup:


Had my ford explorer sport done on Friday after work for the full treatment at the OP location. Took about 40min and they even sprayed down the SUV when they were done, interested to see how this stuff works but price and customer service overall gets an A+ in my book. As long as this stuff works I’ll be back yearly :tup:


Will there be any discounts for RustKote for the remainder of 2017?

Just received my 10 dollar off coupon in the mail. I get two cars done for the past 2 years, can I use this coupon for both cars?