NYSPEED Member Discount for RUSTKOTE Protection


As a NYSPEED Member you can receive special Pricing off of a Full Vehicle Rust Prevention Treatment. (Not Valid on Bottom Kote Only) Offer is valid until 04/31/17 (April 31st 2017).

NYspeed discount is:

$10 off a Car, Minivan, SUV, Small Pick-Up Truck

$20 off Full Size Pick-Up Truck or Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck

A Full Vehicle Rust Prevention Treatment is the entire 2 Step Process applied to your vehicle. So this would include the Undercarriage Spray and the aerated Top Coat.

Make an appointment on WWW.RUSTKOTE.COM or call and make an appointment 716-810-1608.
When you are making the appointment be sure to say you are a NYSpeed member and would like the discount.

At the time of your appointment please print out the offer below and bring it in with you.

That’s all it takes to get this special deal on your next RustKote Corrosion Protection.




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And $25 off is actually good amount: http://www.rustkote.com/#!pricing/cxro

The most expensive application is $119


I just had my truck and my wifes car done at rustkote, they did great work.


Thanks so much guys! We really want to take good care of our customers and we try to make sure everyone leaves happy!


Sounds like a good deal but your website tells nothing of what you guys do. What do you put on and where, how is it applied? Did I miss something?

Edit: I just looked again and I didnt see anything, even your youtube link has no videos. If I might I would suggest more info on your website. How long does it take, im looking for my wife’s minivan and possibly my truck?


Yes I know, we are working on the website to be more informative.

As far as your questions go, it usually will take about 1 hour for a vehicle and if you look at my first thread “RustKote Company Info and Locations” it explains a lot more about the company and the application process.

If you have any questions please let me know.


I’ll be calling in the next week or so to get in :tup:


I had both cars done at the Eastern Hills location, had great service as well.


Just had my truck done at the Eastern Hills location too - Tom was a pleasure to deal with, very courteous, knowledgeable on the product, and incredibly thorough. Going to be sending my mom there with her car. 2 thumbs up…


BUMP For a great discount!

We can RustKote your vehicle in any weather. Our products are formulated to adhere to the vehicle and stay in place. So it doesn’t matter if it is snowing, raining, or extremely cold out we can protect your vehicle year-round.

So make an appointment today and start protecting your car against the winter weather.


Had my Raptor done at the Eastern Hills location, great service and price…see you next yr!


@RustKote do you have pictures of the underside of the car with this applied to it? im a mechanic and most of the rust prevention coatings ive seen are real slimy and dont actually dry, they just stay oily and are a nightmare when it comes to actually having to work on the car after application.



Here is a picture mid-application of the Bottom coat. As you can see the left side has been sprayed but the right side has not been sprayed yet.

RustKote is unique, because our product is designed to drip a lot less than similar products and our coating will actually adhere to the undercarriage and create a protective layer over the entire underside of your vehicle.
After about 10 - 14 days this layer will actually dry on the surface.

It will not continually drip or make the bottom of your vehicle a wet and tacky mess as so many other products do.

It honestly is a very mechanic friendly product. I always do my own mechanic work for my vehicle as well as my wife’s vehicle, and it really has not made the job any harder.

Thanks for the question! If you have any more please feel free to ask!


Incredibly minimal amount of drip for both my BMW and the girlfriend’s Mini Cooper in relation to how much was applied to our cars.


If you missed us at the Erie County Fair there is no need to worry.
As a NYSpeed Member you can save $20 any day until the end of 2015.

Dates are filling up so be sure to call today!


Can you please rehost this pic?


Does the $20 off apply to the bottom kote only?


I believe this was the photo that was posted before.

If you want to see more photos of what the product looks like when applied check out our Facebook page. Here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RustKote/579816242139831


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Sorry, No the $20 off is only good for a Full treatment of a vehicle not just a Bottom Kote. But a full treatment for a 4 door car is only $99.99 before the coupon is applied.
Thanks for the question!


Any specials for people bringing more than one vehicle? I have two that I’d like to get done.


You can use the coupon on both of them and receive $20 off of each vehicle. But that is the best deal we have right now.
Thanks for the question!