Official: Beer thread

Just as the title states.

Cheap shit: Coors Light FTW.

More expensive: Winter Lager

In Ireland/Europe: Guinness all day, every day.

Discuss. ;D

Toss up between Molson and Labatt’s

cheap shit ,corona wit lime

expensive,hoegaden its a wierd beer and i like it think its swiss or suttin i dont know or care it fucks me up thats all i kno ;D

liquor,gotta go wit 151 it brings the best of me out :lol

Cheap Shit: COORS LIGHT!!!
Good Shit: COORS LIGHT!!
Hard Shit: 151, D-Springs, winecoolers :confused :lol

151 will knock you on your ass… bunch of us had that at Sienafest last year. Oh man… I made an evil drink consisting of Rockstar Energy drink and Bacardi 151… it was hardcore. This girl thought it would be a good idea to chug 151 straight… yeeeah, she didn’t end up so well after that. :lol:

My buddy makes a NASSSTY jungle juice, its Devils Springs(160proof) 4 different kinds of Bacardi, and a little bit of Hawaiin punch :excited Doesnt taste like alcohol AT ALL, and is very dangerous :lol

Cheap shit: Bud light Lime
kinda Expensive shit: Sam Adams October Fest

Ohh, they are good, till you get to the 6-7th beer and the lime starts fuckin with ya :lmao

Bud Light Lime is kind of expensive, but boy is it good. :excited

Cheap shit: MGD64
Good Shit: Carona with salt and lime

Liquor: Yager with redbull


Anything I have from Brooklyn brewery is always high quality. Spaten, Sam Adams.

Labatt for mass drinking.

Cheap shit: Coors Light
Good Shit: Heineken

Hard shit: Jack Daniels, 151, Captain morgan, and who doesnt love jjagerbombs

Cheap: oh wait im a baller

Corona with lime and Heineken

You would think a baller would know how to spell his own beer :crackup its corona nignog!! ;D

wow im hammered, must have been from me reading luvin2speed post

you all need a role model with the corona and coors light bullshit…or come with me on friday night to mahar’s on madison ave so you can see how beer is supposed to taste

Cheap beer: smuttynose brown dog ale

Expensive beer: RCH brewery Ale Mary OR anything by the Elysian Brewery (

Liquor: Jameson

you my friend are :gay why would i puke up good beer when cheap comes up just the same

JAmeson 4lyfe

+1 so much rice beer itt