Official: Mighty Taco Meat thread

what is it, you guys? :stuck_out_tongue: post up all relavant info in here :slight_smile:

My buddy used to manage one.I’ll call him when he gets out of work and ask him.

6 days of the week: Grade D Beef.
Sundays: Grade B Beef.

Now we all know this is not true, about sundays atleast, but thats what Emily(head manager of the hamburg location) told me.

who remembers the mighty dog dog food / mighty taco scandal of the 80’s??

ya… that was a miserable point in both of our lives. and toners life. all i remember is pulling that big tray of meat out of the oven and pulling the cover off… the stench was overwhelming. i couldnt eat mighty meat for a while after i worked there. ugh.

Who cares? It tasts sooooo good.

Mighty Beef > Taco Bell Beef

i think alot of you are missing the parody…

You sly scurvy dogg…

Hahaha I think the pun was obvious, but I love how everybody just carried on as if it were serious. :lol:

well, clearly it was obvious, but also… coming from newman… i figured he already knew what it was and wanted to rub it in our faces.

I agree and anyone who thinks mighty meat is good needs to get their shit checked cause thats almost as bad as mcdonlads meat.

it’s not the greatest, but it’s good enough to be edible…especially when durkn.

:2fingers: You need to lower your standards. I bet you won’t eat at Wok 22 either.:headbang:


well, I don’t know about you guys, but I won’t eat at the Arby’s on NFB near Maple (next to McD’s & Delta Sonic)

lol newman

lol I noticed the parody.

anyway,I’d say that they’re using 70/30 ground beef.Just a guess.

I thought they just used ground-up hot dogs? :shrug:

thread failure… You’re banned from the interweb

never heard of wok 22 but i dont have to lower myself to eating horse meat, or badger meat or whatever the fuck it is.