Official MythBusters "PLANE on a CONVEYOR" episode PARTY!!! (12/12/07 @ 8pm)

The Latest: (updated: 12/12/07 at 10am)

We’ve got the whole section next to the game area; look for the Air Hockey Table.

You will be given a wrist band when you arrive so you can get the 2 for 1 drink special all night. You will also have to state your pre-conclusion whether or not the plane will take off…your answer will be marked on your wrist band.

If you theorized correct, you will receive a gift certificate for food.


The Sabres Game will also be on.

I really think this needs to be done. There needs to be pre-gaming, trash talking, drinking, and sides need to be chosen so shame can follow.


Finally, Adam and Jamie carefully navigate their way through a myth that has baffled everyone from web bloggers to pilots. If a plane is traveling at takeoff speed on a conveyor belt, and the belt is matching that speed in the opposite direction, can the plane take off? Extensive small-scale testing with a super treadmill and a nearly uncontrollable model airplane don’t completely resolve the myth, so our flight cadets supersize the myth with help from a willing pilot and his Ultralight flying machine.


[COLOR=“Red”]2 for 1 drinks to those participating

$$$ Gift Certifcates for those who correctly choose “Confirmed” or “Busted”. (wristbands or stamps will be given out)

Location: The “Warehouse” Sports Bar, located on Mile Strip next to the Blasdell Exit. (Where the old Cracker Barrel used to be next to the 90)[/COLOR]

Date: 12/12/07 @ 8pm… New Episodes are Wednesday Evenings at 9pm.

I can get a very large section reserved for this if need be. They have great food, games, hot waitresses, and the BEST ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES EVER!

Who’s in?

Haha I’m there to film this.

interesting, i was thinking of having a few over the house for this… but this might be better.

if im not already in long island, i am so there

Batavia exit?

Anyway, I’ll drink eat and drink some more.


good catch, Blasdell exit. Coming from the North Towns, the first exit past the Lackawana Tolls.

yup. in. for the roast beef at the very least

I’M IN!!!

lol. possibly!

def in. maybe we can the boing engineer there to

i’m down for this.

The Warehouse is a cool place. TONS of tv’s in that joint.

:lol: I’ll probably get hammered and be in for this.

I’m in,

“I’m here for the Mythbusters Party”



you have to be of age to get in?

no, it’s a ‘family’ place, obviously you have to be of age to drink though.


awesome. im in!

IN so i can sample some of audios roast beef :clap:

Totally in!