OFFICIAL Post pictures of your ride thread


Still rolling around in this. 130,000km’s of my own, haven’t even had to do a set of break pads on the Stoptech Trophy kit.

Probably going to just keep this until it explodes.


Picked up an Alltrack for daily/work, tossed in some coil-overs and Golf R wheels to make it presentable…

IMG_3402 by Christopher Mosgeller, on Flickr


Got a profile pic?


Profile pic?


like, a side shot showing the wheels with the sidewall of the tires. The profile of the vehicle. Not asking for your personal picture, lol.


Lmao, I thought you meant like for at the bottom on posts (signature)


Nice! That’s what I wanted to see. Looks really good :+1:


truck is my daily. Equinox is her’s. And the mustang still sits on jack stands. Drove it twice this year and ripped off the carb off to replace with the Holley sniper 2300 kit. But been way to busy with work.


Miata 3.0:

It’s a 92, I bought it bone stock with 74,000 original miles, not a speck of rust anywhere on the car. I’m the 2nd owner now.

So far it’s just small stuff to make it more enjoyable to drive, but I’m going for a retro roadster look.


@Motocrossx23 man that looks clean :ok_hand:


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When I got the CC it was going to be just a placeholder car because I needed to dump the GTO because of some issues that were getting worse but it’s really grown on me because of how smooth, quiet and comfortable it is on long trips while still being fun to drive. And Jen loves her Enclave. Huge upgrade over the CX-9. Put a new trailer under my other ride this summer too.


Having a blast doing turns with this thing.