damn Jeff, you’re a fountain of knowledge lately… great info yet again


Barry, i just picked up the Sony KDF-E42A10 for $900, opinions?


i really dont want to spend over 900 on a tv…
thats why i think the westinghouse would be a good idea, plus someone is willing to pay 300 for my old tv


open box + warrenty = teh win.


Good Deal, my sister has the same set.

PM me your serial number




you can do better… 2k for a 40" ??? you can get a 42" for that as well.


for budget LCD’s when I was looking the Polaroid 32 and 37" were great buys for the price. They got awesome reviews online as well. I went with a Samsung DLP 42" for right around $1500. The 37" just wasn’t big enough for me.


If I had $1000 to spend on a TV, I’d buy the biggest Sony WEGA 1080i widescreen tube television. I have yet to see a plasma or LCD that looks great under all conditions. Blacks look grey, 4:3 programing leads to burn in at the ends of the 16:9 screen, etc…

34" of pure sex.


did i mention how gay this thread title is???

anyway, if you buy anything other than LCD you’re selling yourself short. if you’re going to spend 1000 for something why not spend 1200 and be happy? it’s stupid to limit yourself at 1k when you’re already spending 1k on something!!! spend it on something you WANT and is nice… not becuase it’s a certian price.

  1. are you going to be moving it around alot? if so then don’t buy something huge and fragile.

  2. are you going to be getting high definition TV? if so, don’t buy anything less than 1080 (and nothing less than 1080p if you’re going blue ray or whatever ghey HD-DVD system you choose)

  3. are you going to be using PS3 HDMI input (what inputs does it even have?) if HDMI and you’re getting cable TV then get a dual HDMI tv.

  4. are you set on a TV size? i was going to buy a 47" and ended up getting a 42" and it’s huge in my livingroom, 47" may of been overkill, when they say they look smaller in the store they are right

there are tons of options but you need to identify what you ‘need’ first.


Im looking into these two also now… I want no more then a 27" due to price and its only going to be in my room so i dont need something huge and i need it to fit in my entertainment center.

Of course i’ve found them at better prices.
new tv will be used with the PS3 with HDMI and all that jazz


You should have also put that plasma’s are the one expensive tv with a lifespan…customers don’t like that because you can actually give them a round about number of when it will “burn out”. Plasma’s use ultraviolet light emissions to aggitate gas in the little bulbs to emit an image…so if you put a plasma in a nightclub with UV lights it will die a heck of a lot sooner


sonny is pretty much on point…

it is true that the one shaler pnk posted has a GREAT picture.
CRTs usually do…but to get a big one…30+ inches…it a beast to move & carry…samsun makes a slim crt, i think hanibal has one haven’t seen it myself but seems interesting.

if your spending the money get 1080p

def. try to get one with dual HDMI or dual DVI or one of each.

& PLEASE be aware of size…i said this over & over. if your buying from a big store like bestbuy/circuit city…the TVs look smaller then they are cause the stores are so big. when you get it home it s a different story.
nothing looks worse then a TV thats way to big for a room

going to a highend audiofile store or the sony outlet gives a better perspective cause they are normal size stores.


oh… & if you want budget performance…

those new Vizio TV’s are decent…they say the offer the most advanced technologies at the most affordable value.

they do look nice…i’ve seen them may times @ Sams club.
i think you can get the 37" for under $1k & then the 40"+ are just above 1K & the 32 is like 600-700 i think.

granted its not 1080…its the 768p or 788p so its a little better then 720p but not quite as good as the 1080s

if you want a good TV on a tight budget i’d suggest looking @ them.


ummmmmm… :ugh:


… i’ve never heard of external UV lights damaging any plasma tv ever… maybe distorting the picture from a perspective, but lessening the life of the tv??? sorry, no.

plasma’s downsides are that you can burn an image in (although you can do this with CRT as well, just to a lesser degree) and that the phosphors cannot be individually changed if gone bad… so you’d be replacing the entire screen which would probably be more than a new TV anyway.

altitude is an issue with plasma, but i’ve never heard of this UV light stuff… please feel free to explain.


I think im going to wait till the day after Thanksgiving and see if i can get a decent deal on the tv i want. i’ve made up my mind that i want a 27" HDTV, Has to have HDMI, contrast ratio has to be = or better to 1000:1 and at least 720p. its going to be a bedroom tv and mainly used for PS3


dude… the whole point of xbox 360 and ps3 is the fact that they are 1080 gaming systems!!! you can’t cut yourself short if you’re buying it to play them…

my xbox looks AWESOME on my tv… you should’nt undercut yourself… i mean you are buying a $600 gaming system :slight_smile: but that’s just my advice.

it will still look baller at 720p… but it was meant for 1080


I honestly dont have the money to put towards an 1080P LCD… lol and i wanna stick around 27" because the MAX i can fit in my entertainment center is around 28 inches wide. so 32 would be too big. and how many LCD’s can you find 1080P and 27"?
I think 27" 1366x768 res (720p) would be plenty… (which is what im lookin for)
but help me out sonny! find me a nice tv to use with the PS3 for under $1000


good point.

i found syntax and akai brands… never heard of them but hd 1080 and under 700 bucks…

polaroid isn’t conclusive, but appears to be a 27" LCD 1080 TV - Mfg Part # (FLM2634B)

panasonic has a nice one, but it’s upwards of 1000

i’ll take a look around…


I seen the polaroid today at circuit city, its a 26"
and thought about it…
I see that one too, but only goes up to 1080i.
the native res is 720p i beleive on all the TV’s i’ve posted in this thread.

now sonny, when your saying you found syntax and akai brands at hd 1080, do you mean 1080i or 1080p?

This samsung i really like supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i,

out of the westinghouse and these i posted which would be the best?

Update: The Samsung (which i would really like to get) cant seem to be found at walmart or any of the retailers i have called, best buy, circuit city, sears, i’ve only found it on ebay…
this one would be perfect i beleive