so most are 1080i… i haven’t seen many tvs that are 1080p… i was buying a larger lcd and most of the tvs that claimed 1080p weren’t even capable of producing that resolution…??? but i did notice the westinghouse and was all about it, surely to find that they were sold out nationwide and only crutchfield (good online source) was able to have the tv in stock… so i placed a pre-order at the fixed price ( i think it was 1999 or 1799)… go the email that the got 2000 but overpromised by over 5x the amount …:rolleyes:

to the point:
i’ve only seen a handful capable of producing 1080p… mine is but i’ve yet to see it at that resolution because nothing is that high except i guess blu/dvdhd

i dobut you’re going to have much selection of 1080p or i for that matter for that small of an lcd, price and size. is there much selection in rear projection / ihdla or whatever the hell it is? to even consider the alternative?

i do like the westinghouse tv’s and a friend has one… she’s had no problems so far… i was going to buy one… i read online they were ‘cheaper’ but that could of just been dudes like me that paid more for our tv’s… so :dunno: i like that samsung, they are nice for sure!


"480i, 480p, 720p, 1080p signal compatibility "

wonder what that means exactly?


so basically your saying that i would need to find a tv that will accept all modes of res such as 480i, 280p, 720p and 1080i to be a decent TV for PS3?
I’ve seen some TV’s that say they have 720p but nothing about the other res… then see some TV’s that only list res as 1366x768 and so forth…
all this res talk really takes some thought and gets a little confusing at times.

and about that samsung, that indeed is a VERY nice tv for what im thinking of using it for, however i’ve called EVERYWHERE they dont stock it. Even called Samsung directly and they said " well its a 2006 model… but i cant seem to find any retailers that sell it… and i cant tell you if we still make it or produce it because i just dont know"

I’ve found a few on ebay brand new and came to this:
$898.00 shipped
-$300.00 since that is what i was offered to sell my current tv to someone for

  • $119.00 for a 3 year warranty from squaretrade.
    comes to $717.00 (I dont think thats too bad for it with a 3 year warranty)


find somewhere that does no interest and no payements for a year and finance the bitch


no finance


well all i’m saying is the whole point of high def gaming is the fact that the signal is 1080… if you have a 1080 tv it will scale down to 480 and 720 and if you have a 720 tv it’ll scale to 480… which is what normal TV and Dvd’s are… i’ve never seen anything in 720, but i’m sure its out there and the tv is capable. I don’t honestly know why some put resolutions and some dont… i always thought it was if the TV had a VGA connector for a computer and it was just listing the optimal resolution??? :dunno:

i know samsung is quality, over those other non-name brands is it probably the right choice and think it would be a baller tv for sure…


there is a difference in 720p & 768p
one has a resolution of 1280 x 720
the other is 1366 x 768


a buddy of mine at work is selling his veiwsonic 27" LCD 1080i tv… 4 year warranty hdmi ect. ect… if you wanted to go that route.


this seems like the easiest way to do it.
so here are the Tv’s im interested in.

Samsung LN-S2738D If i can get it (which can only be found on ebay)

Westinghouse LTV-27w7 hd

Westinghouse LTV-27w6 (widescreen)

Polaroid 26", FLM-2632

If i cant get the samsung from anywhere post what your second choice would be


why a new thread?


9’ black & white


easier and to make a poll.
other thread is just info for everyone and did not want to hog it
this thread is just to answer my question


easier and to make a poll.
other thread is just info for everyone and did not want to hog it
this thread is just to answer my question

on topic:nono:


did you ever look @ the Samsung Slimfi?
the 27" is pretty reasonable & its CRT so its not a fixed pixel & will do 1080 & its a little smaller & lighter then a normal CRT. talk to hannibal…he got one on ebay from some guy here in western PA (display model) really cheap…but even new they are very reasonable. $400-$800 on ebay. the only bad thing is i don’t think the 27" comes in 16:9 (widescreen) only the 30" does.


I looked at them at best buy, i dont like them


get a big screen.i wouldnt dream of anything smaller than 51 inch


where is the choice that TV is overrated


samsung lcd.


we have samsungs and westinghouses at work, and the Samsungs win.


the polaroid one acctually has a REALLY good picture to it