im pretty sure im going to go get that that westinghouse on black friday…
you CANT beat 350 or so for a damn hdtv


people are saying to get rear projection / crt and i’m saying to get an LCD and get a westinghouse if the price is what is most important to you!


well i finally found the samsung 27" on display and its really small, vertical view is only like 13 inchs, the westinghouse is a 32" and vertical view is about 19-20". it looks like a perfect size but, I am going to have to modify my entertainment center to fit it width wise.
my mom keeps telling me to go plasma… and LCD is the bad way to go lol
this coming from a person that decided one day to buy a flat screen and went to talk to someone at sears that didnt know what they were talking about, and came home with a $1600 plasma that got 1.0 out of 5.0 from about 200+ reviews



plasma is a no-no for video gaming… if you put it on the ps3 menu and go take a piss and end up f’ing around you could burn in the image… very easy to do!


oh i know!

anyways i’ve decided on which to get. thanks alot sonny on your input! it really helped


I had a polaroid and took it back the very same day. Stay away from that brand.

Samsung :bigthumb:


just got an HD TV yesterday. i was watching the one game on fox and the picture wasn;t clear and crisp like i expected. is it just FOX? is there something i need to change on my comcast digital cable box? i hate all this technology! i fucken had to study to buy the fuckin thing. am i to expect certain shows and games the people will look stretched?

its a 37" phillips lcd hdtv (720p) if that helps.


Were you on teh HD channel for fox? it’s somewhere in the 200s I don’t know off hand…

Some will look a little more stretched than others, a lot of broadcasts are filmed normally and then converted into HDTV as opposed to some broadcasts which film using HDTV cameras…

You might need to adjust some settings on the Comcast box… You do have an HDTV box right? If not you can give Comcast a call and they should be able to help you… I’ll look in my shit and see if i can find it out, it’s been a few months since I worked in residential.


you should need to change your comcast box and get HDMI cables if your tv has the inputs.


i dunno… we just got digital cable in like april or may and they brought a new box then. its a motorola box.


If it’s a silver box it should have the HDTV hook ups in the back, look for them marked HDMI like Chad mentioned… Comcast should have cables at the Corliss service center if you need them.


doh! its a dark gray/black box. my new tv does have hdmi inputs thou. i guess i need to make a call.


You can run out to the place they have in, I think Baldwin, and exchange it on site for a HD box.

You aren’t able to even tune into the HD channels on Comcast unless you have the HD box.


Correct… There is an office on Brownsville Rd.


Just to throw in my $.02. You have the digital box but you don’t have the HD digital box. Also, once you get the new one from comcast, the best cables to use are either component or HDMI. HDMI cables can be had on amazon for $10 for 6 ft. Everything right now is being broadcast in 720p/1080i. So the component cable would still display that perfectly. Once everything becomes 1080p broadcast HDMI is the way to go as far as lossless picture and sound quality.

Also if you plan on hooking up a blu-ray or hd dvd player. HDMI is your only option. Lemme know if you have any other questions. I’m a huge samsung fan. Ive got a 61" Samsung LED DLP 1080P set and a 50" Panasonic 720p Plasma.


bob, when you take your old box to comcast, they give you the HDMI cables. just stop by with your box and also ask them to switch your account to HD service.


i only got component cables when i switched mine… bastards. i had to buy my hdmi’s


you arne’t going to get an hdmi cable box… if you do… good man, they are hard as hell to come by … they are pawning off dvi to component or hdmi (what i have) and ti sucks… but works.

hdmi has a pretty significant lag between digital and analog channels that, i’m told, component does not…


i have a good 5-10 seconds between my HD channels and regular channels


thanks for the help.

i’mma hold off on the hd and blu ray… regular dvd’s are clear enough for me especially with the cost of the others.