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Who are the Comcast HD boxes made by? I’m stuck with Time Warner and their shitty Scientific Atlanta 4250HDC. Through HDMI the box will either freeze or show a grainy picture when viewing an HD channel. I get the best picture via component.


Motorola. You’re prod crossing the hdmi wirez somewhere…check the pins.


Actually we have been getting alot of calls about the Scientific Atlantic boxes not being compatible with HDMI even though they have the outputs. The motorola boxes are far superior imo to sa boxes. If you want a box with HDMI, request a motorola 6416 hD/DVR box, its the newest box we offer, and it actually has a bigger harddrive than the 6412 (160gig, as opposed to the 120 gig in the 6412). IF you get a 6412 box, make sure its a series 3 box (it says on the front) they are the only ones that have the HDMI outputs on them, all the 6416 boxes have them though.


I’m on my 2nd SA box in the past couple month. There was supposedly a firmware update in mid November that was going to fix the HDMI problem, but I still can’t get my HD channels to display properly.

I’ve read a lot of bad things about the 8300 series and 8455 DVR also. Scientific Atlanta just makes poor receivers.


well as some know i am a over the road truck driver. neededc a job to find a job…blah blah blah.

well to make a long story short i bought a LCD tv a emerson on black friday and it pooped. so now i am looking for a new tv for the truck.

i use it to watch tv and xbox 360. well i am thinking of getting a vizio since the price seems decent and will only be used in the truck. so no need for a high end tv.

any advice.

ps i will get it at circuit city since they have insurance and accidentel insurance. i do not usually care about this stuff but since it will be bouncing around i think it might be worth it

Mr slow AssHole


Probably nto a bad idea to get the insurance for the rough ride and whatnot. And dollar for dollar the Vizio seems to be one of the best TVs out there.


How big of a screen do you need?

Costco has some killer deals on Sharp Aquos LCD’s. They are very good model and even the 32" is only 649 with free shipping. Envision is another off brand that I see for decent prices, although I’m not sure who the parent company is.


Olevia also makes nice LCDs for the price. I would check them out. You can get a decent 720p 42" for around $700 or so, 37" sell for around $550-$600.


I have a Samsung. When looking we started to look at the Visio, but went with the Samsung for not all that much more money.


I don’t think he could fit a 37inch TV in his truck


FWIW, circuit city’s insurance/extended warantee is crap to deal with. They put you off to yocal repair shops that are slow to respond (when they actually do) and most associated at both the CC level and yocal repair outfits seem rather inept.

Best Buy may be better, don’t know how they could be worse.


I have a 52" Sony Bravia LCD…absolutely beautiful picture, we also have a 32" Insignia TV in the bedroom, and the picture on that is pretty nice too. I think the Insignia was only like $560.00 or something like that at Best Buy. Its 720p. my Bravia was around $3200, but its a full 1080p. I know Insignia makes a smaller tv and they are pretty reasonably priced and the picture is pretty good. I’ve never had an problems with either of them and i’ve had my XBOX hooked to both at one time or another, so i know they are good for that.


i have a sony @ home i think 42 inches i love it

i am looking for something around 20 inches nothing biger cause i am going to use a under the cabinet mount…

well i would rather steer away from Best Buy cause i had nothing but problems when i had a warrenty issue with my allienware computer…they even told me i didnt have a extended warrenty when i had the receipt showing it


lol yep… unless he mounts it on the back wall of the sleeper. which (if possible) would be pretty cool


Get it at Costco…they have a no questions asked policy for returns on electronics.

Look at this VIzio:|79|2341&N=4001382%204294919901&Mo=4&No=4&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=

Here is rest of what they have now:|79|2341&N=4001374+4294908729&Mo=4&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=


I’ll see if I can dig it up, but I read an article explaining why it’s better to spend a little more money on a name brand (ie not Vizio or Olevia). If they ever fail, the warranties on the name brand TV’s were much better.

In regards to what dyingwish said, CostCo does NOT offer a no questions asked return policy after 90 days on large electronics.


…taken directly off of CostCo’s website.


bought a 20 inch vizio today. got them to match the price at cosco and used 150 dollars in reward points…


Vizio is good…i was actually going to get one until i stumbled upon a deal i couldn’t turn down on a 1080 sony SXRD.

I talked to a TV repair guy about vizio & he said that all those off brands…Vizio, olivia, etc… are ok but suck when it comes to repair, because its hard to get parts…where as a samsung, sony, etc… parts are easily assessable.

he also said that the best stuff out now (bang for your buck namebrand) is Panisonic & JVC

if you do end up getting a Vizio…make sure you get VX model & not the VW.

the VX is silver @ the bottom & normally sold @ Sams/cosco etc…
the VW is all black & sold @ walmart.

the VX is the better model, better aspect ratio, picture in picture, & a few other features the VW does not have…& the price is not that much difference.

if you go vizio 720P LCD…just get the new VX line… models VX32L, VX37L, etc…
i’ve heard some issues with the older one that this replaced.