this is the model i got

Model #: VIZ VX20LHDTV20A

they priced matched costco at 340 then i had to cash in 150 in reward points since they were going to expire

not bad for a tv for the back of a semi. if i was getting one for my house it would of either been another sony or toshiba


With buying TV’s, ALWAYS buy at Sam’s Club or Cosco.

They have a 100% member satisfaction. This means if in 10 years your TV burns out, you can take it back and get a full refund of what you paid as long as you keep your receipt.


errr…wrong. refer to post 12. costco only offers a 90 return policy on major electronics.


Actually thats wrong. Sams Club states a 1 year return. Costco states 90 days. It is lifetime. The return policy that only employees can see states 100% member satisfaction. Talk with a store manager, they will tell you its lifetime if you fight with them about it. Its something they dont want getting out, but its something any employee will tell you. If Costco wouldnt do a lifetime, they would lose big business in electronics to their competition. But unless Costco has changed since my friend quit there, then yes I am wrong, but if so, just buy from Sams Club, haha.


But it does not make any sense whatsoever. You can’t sell something like a TV with a lifetime warranty, they would make next to no money because every single person that buys one could potentially take it back at any point in the future and want their money back. They may as well give them away for free, it’s not like TV last for eternity so then they should expect every tv that they sell will come back for a refund at some point.


Its to keep members happy. They dont openly advertise it, it says 100% member satisfaction, but it also says 1 year on tv’s, 6 months on computers. So in a way it contradicts itself. And not to mention the majority of people will not return something they have had for that long because they dont think its right.


Do people only buy 1 set of Craftsman tools when they are 16 and never buy another one again because they can get it replaced if it breaks at any time?

I will put my money on, NO. People want the latest and greatest thing and will upgrade well before the tv is past it’s useful life.


Putting a “lifetime warranty” on the TV makes people feel better about knowing it is covered. But I don’t think a lot of people would just abuse it. If the TV is fine they’re not going to try and break it, but it could be a potential selling point to know that if you buy, it does carry a liftime warranty as opposed to 90 days or 1 year.


when i bought my plasma 43" from costco a few years back they were openely advertising a lifetime policy on all tv’s the lady said if anything ever happens to it, just bring it back.


im getting a tv so im starting to do some research.
For those who actually have a hdtv can you tell the difference betwen 720 dpi and 1080 ?
also what brands are your favorites ?

im looking at a 36-42 lcd tv since im still going to live in an apartment and a 46+ inch is just to dam big to fit in my car and just unnecessary
I plan on keeping regular cable and probably a dvd upconvertor to make my reg dvd’s better looking.


you can definetly notice a difference between 1080 and 720… i got a vizio that does 1080 for 500$… its only a 32 inch though…


I concur, the difference is astounding. I have a 65 inch dlp hdtv that does 1080p, it rocks although I have a room in the house that needs something big otherwise it doesn’t look right.

If I were you, I’d looking into grabbing a ps3 and an hdmi cable, especially for an hd capable tv, its cheaper than buying a blueray player and that tv will really shine with it


you wouldnt think blu ray would be that much better but it looks amazing haha


but willa blueray ps3 make regular dvd’s better ? or go with the upconvertor dvd thing


I’ve never used an upconverter myself so I can’t answer that question, but yes blu-ray is an amazing difference it really opens your eyes, In some cases though it works against you. I’ve watched a couple movies that I think if they were in standard 480i they would’ve looked better only because you can blatantly see the cgi effects and it almost ruins the movie. pirates of the carribean comes to mind


from what i understand the dif of 720 and 1080 is only noticeable if its 50 inches or larger…i dont know

i have a 43 inch pioneer plasma that is 720 and looks good


yes the PS3 upconverts the DVD’s


In 32" screensize, it’s a 720 panel that can display 1080. Meaning, higher resolutions can be decoded and displayed but the viewing panel (ie screen) is only 720 lines of resolution.

#1 PS3
#2 Samsung Blu Ray with up conversion

Not really. Resolution is important but also pay attention to contrast ratio and screen refresh rate. All screen sizes show differences. I have a 40 and 50 Sony XBR and I prefer watching the 40 because the edge acuity out performs the big panels.

Contrast ratio = the ability to render colors from white to black. The higher the number the better the performance. Shoot for 5000:1 or higher

Screen refresh rate is very important for fast action HD sports and Blu Ray. The two common refresh rates are 60hz and 120hz.

IMHO, Pay the extra and get 120, it will do more for your bluray and PS3 than I can explain here

Newer ones have it standard, older ones need to download upgrade.

It’s over rated . . . it’s calculated line doubling.

My three favorites in that size: (I only used Crutchfield website cause it was easy, you can buy them cheaper elsewhere)


Your correct about all screen sizes show differences…my computer monitor/tv/game display is a samsung 19" lcd…hdtv of course…when i have videos that are 720 i can more than see the diff from the ones i have playing at 1080…same thing on the 23" (same make/model just bigger)


barry what does sony offer that’s a good bargain.

PM me your # on Lsx.