I have a Sony KDL-52XBR5 you can have for $900.

I’ve had it less than a year.


already have a mitsubishi 42-inch PD-4265

Your the Sony Guru thought i’d ask on your opinion :booty:

Infact i’ll pick it up tomorrow, could use an extra TV. Thanks, that’s a killer deal. one problem, i must ride your fwd bike before the deal !!!


i would stay away from 120hz for a while until they can work all of the kinks out of it


no kinks

nancel technology - has been in theaters for 5+ years


i have a 42" LG plasma 720p. the only time you are going to notice a difference between 720p and 1080p is basically when they are side by side on a bigger screen, or if you are a junkie who knit-picks everything. IMO everything is still better about a plasma then a lcd except for the burn in aspect, which isnt much of a problem if you know how to take care of it.


awesome ! thanks for the help guys i really dont want to spend 1,700 fora tv but i might break down and get it ! i just gotta see what will fit in my car ! thats the main reason why im going 37 inches


i have a 120hz tv with a TON of problems because that technology is fairly new with flat panel tvs


You got a lemon then.

The 120 hz IC is older technology, it was used in crt rear proj tv’s . . .

Are you sure you don’t have a backlight issue? Early 120hz flat panel sets tried to use a narrow(er) spectrum backlight that had refresh issues. Wide gamut/broad spectrum is much improved. LED backlighting is best for true blacks (Samsung)


Hey guys, I am going to be getting a new LCD flat screen pretty soon (as soon as my 51" hitachi projection tv sells in the classifieds section). I was doing some research yesterday online and I was wondering what the contrast ratio means. My price range for the new tv is anywhere from $1,300 to $2,000 and the contrast ratios range from 2500:1 all the way up to 35000:1. What do these numbers mean and should I be looking for a high ratio or a low ratio? If it helps, I am looking at 46"+ LCD’s that are 1080p.


I think there are two different ways to judge contrast ratio, and it kinda confuses me too. But basically the contrast ratios is the differences in the colors and the depth of the blacks in the screen.


So should I be looking for a contrast ratio close to 2500:1 or 35000:1?

Also, since it has to do with the difference between color and black on the screen would the lighting in my room have any impact?


Im gonna take a guess, which is more expensive? Thats the one you should shoot for. If they are the same price, then I have no idea which is better.


get a samsung or sony if you want LCD, or panasonic or an older pioneer if you want plasma

from what i understand, contrast ratio means jack shit on the new tv’s, but the higher the ratio, the more black your blacks will be

1000:1 might show a grey looking black, but 25000:1 will show a almost true black


Great. Thanks! I was going to do it just based on price, but it was hard to tell with some of them because I was looking at closeout deals online so with all the discounts and stuff you really couldn’t tell which was nicer.


there is no scientific standard for contrast ratios

*ie someones 15,000:1 could be another manufactures 30,000:1


x2… and it’s bullshit anyway…

sonys new oled crap tvs are coming out with 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio :rolleyes:

i’d watch for resolution and response time.


i’m finally allowed to spend some of the wifes money on a tv. i’d like something around 40" give or take. probably a lcd hdtv. what are the good brands and model and what features are a must. also looking to be as cheap as possible without having a crappy picture. i know alot of you guys have already went through this so let me know what you learned


Right now I feel that Samsung is hard to beat. I recently bought a samsung 50" lcd 1080 … But there def. expensive!!

Sonys are really nice as well and are a little cheaper than Samsung.

Vizeos (sp?) are a decent tv for a good price … There picture looks really good but samsung/sony/vizeo side by side and your going to tell a huge difference.

Do you plan to add a blu-ray to this tv at all? If so your going to obviously want the 1080 … If not you could save some money by going with a 720. I don’t think anything is 1080 but a blu-ray (I could be wrong) … So if you don’t want/plan on that there’s no need for 1080.

There are a lot of nice tvs out there … I have 2 LGs, 2 Sanyos, Panasonic, and 2 samsungs (all flat screens) and the pictures are all great … But I prefer the Samsungs the best.

There seems to be a lot of good deals on tvs right now with the holidays too!


If I were you, I would stick with the LCD. You won’t get screen burn-in and you also won’t use as much electricity as Plasma. You also won’t have to replace bulbs like you do with DLP projection sets. The only downfall is that you can end up with frozen pixels that get stuck as either black or any other color. I don’t know how frequent this happens though, this may be something that was more frequent with older models.

Anyways, depending on your uses you may be able to get by with a 720p, but I would not go any lower than that. I have a 1080i and that is fine with me. I am not sure how familiar you are with the HD classifications, but the higher the number, the better the resolution. The “p” and “i” indicate how often the picture refreshes and the way in which it refreshes (someone correct me if I am wrong). TV’s that are a “p” are going to be better than those that are an “i” (assuming they have the same number).

Also consider the number and types of inputs that you need. If you only have a DVD player and cable/dish, you probably won’t have to worry. But if you have a DVD player, a Dish, video games, vcr (?), etc. you will want to make sure that there are enough inputs and that they are the correct type for your applications.

I would probably stick with Sony or Samsung if I were you. My dad got and LG that he seems to like and also the Vizio’s seem to get good reviews and they are priced pretty low. If you are looking to get a 40" I would expect that you can get one for under $1K. I don’t know what has happened with prices since Thanksgiving, but I know that prices were way down, but they may have come back up. You should try checking out and Sometimes they have great deals with free shipping.


yeah. as stated above. look into vizo. they are decent for the price