a picture, and a remote.


I may be selling my 42" Panasonic Plasma here soon. I have the same problem Lory has…

I love what I’ve got, but it would be nice to have a few more inches.

oops didnt see that you had posted in this thread Chad… man this is embarrassing now.


Vizio I believe is the best bang for the buck, it is actually produced by Sony but named differently for a price point. But i could be wrong. I have 2 Westinghouse LCD’s and i love them both. both are 1080P and are amazing picture quality. Take this advice… If you think you want around 40", go 46"-47" You wont regret it and the cost difference is minimal. figure the life span of the TV to be about 20 years now, they say 27 - 30 for LCD’s and do the math. the difference is minimal. Go big or go home. I wish i would of gotten the 57"-65" range, but i thought I only needed a 50"


Yeah, you’d be surprised how fast you get used to a big screen. We got our 50" 2.5 years ago and now whenever I go to my friends houses or parents house and they have a like a 37" or 42" it just seems tiny. I don’t think I will ever be able to watch a TV smaller than 50" again.


Have had 2 lcd Westinghouse televisions, both garbage. Seemed well up till yellow lines starting appearing on the screen out of no where. I would stray away from this brand. If your looking for something to last you a long time for your money, I would buy a Samsung. Great design, picture, features etc.


I agree … You will get used to the size quick. The two smallest I have are both of my LGs … One 32" in the bedroom & a 37" in the livingroom. I hardley ever go into the livingroom sine there in a 50" in the den … And the 50" just dosnt seem super big anymore! I also have a 52" in my garage … I wish I would of gone bigger!


Go into Best Buy and ask them which TVs have 120hz refresh rates. Buy one of those.

I do not like most LCD tvs due to pixelisation during motion, but the 120hz TVs correct most of that.

not even remotely true.

Vizio is owned by a group of investors in California.


I’ve been learning/researching them recently too. Here’s a good comparison of plasma and LCD, and some general HDTV info.


Yeah my first Westinghouse just didn’t turn on after i had it for a month or so. but after I changed it out i haven’t had any issues. and i love all the HDMI inputs


I have a Westinghouse LCD monitor. I liked it at first, until I bought a Samsung to run a dual setup with. Now I can’t even look at the Westinghouse for more than 2 minutes of my eyes start to water and my head starts to hurt.


i just got back from best buy and walmart. i happened to see the 120hz tv’s while i was there and they had a samsung demo which compared the pictures with and without 120hz. definately noticable. plasmas don’t have that problem though.

the current tv in the living room is an older 27" phillips. so anything is an upgrade. the wife will only want something in the 32-37" range but i’m pushing for at least 40". my three favorits from best buy were a sony bravia 42" 1080p for $999. the 40" samsung for 1049 and a 42" panasonic plasma for 1049. all three had great pictures. and i fell in love with the blueray stuff too. they had a demo of a samsung 50something " plasma playing transformers in blueray. :boink

looked at the vizios at walmart. and so/so. the rca and sharp looked better lol

is teh dynamic contrast a big deal on them? seems they vary alot. some are 1500:1 some are 25,000:1 and the panasonic plasma was 1,000,000:1


got my vizio @ Sam’s club saved some money and got a 3 year warranty.


vizio and westinghouse are both ass. vizio is definitely not made by sony. Stick with a brand name. Sony and Samsung. Check out the Samsung LN40A550. top rated by consumer reports.


I picked up a 42" 1080p Insigna from best buy(Bunch of reviews say people returned their visios and picked this brand up instead)… pretty happy with it, but i dont have anything hidef yet that I can really tested it with short from my laptop that only does 720p. Still need to pick up a component cable for my 360, the one I had worked for like an hour and started to flake out(did the same on my old TV).

Problem with alot of lower price pointed LCDs are the speakers are junk, but thats nothing a head unit cant fix.


i bought a 37" Philips about a year ago and recently started having power supply problems already. Sometimes I have to turn it on twice for the screen to come on. POS


I have a Samsung 32" now, and my next TV will definitely be a larger Samsung. The quality of picture and tv is great. I have been nothing but happy since I bought this TV almost two years ago.


I have a 42" HP Mediasmart LCD TV, Its a full 1080p. I was told to go with LCD over a Plasma because my living room is brightly lit most hours of the day. It has less glare.

When I bought it I also picked up a LG 2.1 surround setup and a PS3. They are all connected with monster HDMI cables. I know most say they are a rip off but whatever Id buy them again even at 100 bucks a piece. We also have comcast HD cable, its definitely worth the money if you own a 1080p TV.

I would have to say when I bought the TV last year that it was HUGE but it only took a few weeks for me to start wishing I went a little bit bigger. I would say figure out what TV you want then go a little big bigger :slight_smile: The best part of the whole entertainment setup I have is the surround sound in my opinion.


I have a 8ft rocketfish HDMI cable that I can sell :slight_smile:


plasmas pictures are a lot better then lcd’s, the burn in was an issue long ago but not so much anymore, if you have half a brain you can prevent it pretty easily and how are you going to find an hdtv that has less then 720p? if you are on the fence about 720 vs 1080p here is a chart to show you how close you have to be to notice a difference:

europops if you are dead set on an lcd in a 40 inch check out the sony kdl-40w4100 120hz, nice looking set and good price if you want one of the best pictures check into the panny plasmas, great price and great picture lcds cant beat they start at 42"

also don’t rely on contrast ratios

each company uses a different standard to measure contrast ratio, since there is no set standard yet

*ie samsung could be 30,000:1 could be the same as Sony 15,000:1

contrast is always going to be higher on a plasma then an lcd

but use some discretion while look at the figures on the sales tags


I love the picture on my 42" Panasonic Viera, but its kinda choppy when the picture is moving. I hate this so much. :frowning:


So you like watching a lot of still frames on your tv? haha