is that a plasma? i think the 42: plasma i looked at and liked was a panasonic viera


I have a 40" Samsung in my living room and we have been very happy with it. I just picked up a cheapo 32" Dynex for the bedroom and its not bad for the money.


PORN looks great on the vizio


Considering myself a semi-expert when it comes to hdtv’s, if you want something under 50" go with either a Sony LCD or Panasonic Plasma. By far Panasonic makes THE best plasma sets. I have a 720p Panasonic for the living room and a 61" Samsung LED DLP for the “great room”.

If you want larger than 50" go with the Samsung LED DLP. Make sure its the one with the LED Light Engine, NO bulbs to replace. The LEDs last 25-30+ years. You also get a much brighter and more vibrant array of colors instead of the conventional 3-bulb DLP set.

ShalerPunk is correct with the 120hZ in LCD displays. If you plan on watching mostly sports and movies, which everyone does, I would consider a plasma over the LCD simply because of the contrast ratio and the 420hZ refresh rate. However, if the room gets A LOT of direct light onto the plasma display, it may be difficult to view.

Here are a few links to ones I would HIGHLY suggest you looking into. Thank me later :itr41:

Let me know how much you’re willing to spend and how big of a TV you are looking for and I’ll help ya out!!
PM me if you have any questions, name’s Brett.

56" Samsung LED DLP:[ame=“”] Samsung HL56A650 56-Inch 1080p Slim DLP HDTV: Electronics[/ame]

61" Samsung LED DLP:[ame=“”] Samsung HL61A750 61-Inch 1080p LED Powered DLP HDTV: Electronics[/ame]

67" Samsung LED DLP:[ame=“”] Samsung HL67A750 67-Inch 1080p LED Powered DLP HDTV: Electronics[/ame]

42" Panasonic Plasma:[ame=“”] Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ85U 42-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV: Electronics[/ame]

50" Panasonic Plasma:[ame=“”] Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ800U 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV: Electronics[/ame]


i said in the first post, around 40" give or take.

and i already looked at the 42" panasonic. it’s on my list.

so the wife just calls and tells me about a tv on sale at best buy for 1099 it’s a 46" samsung. just when i thought she wouldn’t want a big tv(over 37") or go over 1000 bucks she suprises me. so when she gets home we are gonna go look. now that shes over 1000 bucks that gives me a few more choices.


Gotcha, sorry apparently I cannot read. The 42" Panny is right around that price too. I believe this is the one in question.

Not a bad price at all. You just have to consider the plasma can give off bad glare if there are any lamps or sunlight that may come into view of the tv. It’s going to seem like a mirror effect.


This is something that is hard to judge because manufacturers rate them differently and it’s not the same playing field between makes. Also, there is dynamic and static contrast. You can’t even compare it from lcd to plasma as it’s not the same thing. The dynamic can be an astronomical number like the 25,000:1 while the dynamic is the true contrast ratio. Essentially, anything over 1000:1 (static) will look very good since you are leaning toward LCD.


I just heard this, but Circuit City will match online prices even if on sale. Which is flippin’ fantastic! So you get the cheap price from online, and dont have to pay for shipping, win win!


Yeah I just Bought a Vizio 37inch for the bar and it is very nice. My Step sister has one and that is how I found out about it. The conversation came up during thanksgiving dinner. I believe Vizio gets some of their parts off another big player I think Sharp.

I got a 720, and to tell you the truth I can’t notice a major difference. Also from what I understand with the 1080P/i you may end up with a ****ty picture trying to use standard cable/dish unless you have an HD subscription.

I know I’m explaining this horribly but…

Basically if your source like a DVD or Blueray can play up to 1080 and you view it on a 720 TV, there will be no loss of quality.

But if your source has less than a 1080 quality and you try to view it on a 1080 tv it is going to be noticible in a negative way.

Best Buy will do this too. I watched my brother do it. They just don’t advertise it.


noone will be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080i or p on a 42" screen or smaller.


True statement, even up to 50" you cannot tell.


I got a 720p 1080i westinghouse 32 inch LCD 2 years ago on black friday for $479 with 4 year warranty out the door. never had any problems and looks good. dont under esimate westinghouse tv’s.
my couch is only like 5 feet away from the tv so I wouldnt be able to tell a difference between 1080p and 720p

but look for contrast ratio and stuff like that.


Euro, it may be worth checking out Sears if you haven’t already. They have a lot of good deals that pop up here and there.


^ Sears is always more expensive on everything. and most of the people that work there don’t know S H I T about the products… Just my experience, hence the reason i never have bought any thing from sears


Sears can have some deals sometimes. Right now their Samsung PN50A450 is on sale for $900.

Best Buy sale price is $1200, and CC sale price is $1000. I don’t know if that is the “best” sale price they will all have though. Guess it’s best to just keep an eye on the prices if it’s not an immediate purchase.


I am not disagreeing with the 720/1080 “can’t see a difference” I think is BS. I have seen 2 similar size tv’s with that difference and it is remarkably different. It may be because the 1080 was a higher quality screen? IDK - I think that there definitely is a difference IMO.


Anyone that knows anything about HDTV’s can tell you that on a 42" screen the difference between 720p and 1080i is imperceptible to the human eye. There are tons of other factors that could have made one look better than the other to you.


I think its because most people go from watching a regular picture, 480i or whatever it is, to something like 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Its hard to make an accurate comparison when you are overwhelmed with the huge change. I would have told you there was a difference about a year ago when I first bought my entertainment setup. However, I do not know the difference unless I look at the cablebox or check the info on the tv, now.


the 46" samsung we are looking at is 1099 at both sears and best buy and 1049 at circuit city… but the other 46" we are looking at is 1299 at best buy and 1399 at sears. plus we have a coupon for best buy to get it alittle cheaper. i think it was 10-15% off.*1216424728020&catId=

i couldn’t see a difference on the diluted signal on all the tv’s at best buy. but after seeing blu ray, i want 1080p for sure. and i’ll have a bluray player soon too.


sears will price match and knock another 20% off of the difference in the two prices. just fyi