they match and knock 10% off FYI.


when i bought one 2 years ago, they took 20%… it definitely could’ve changed


sears match prices on appliances too?


anything i guess.

i read there policy twice today. it is definately 10% and it’s 10% of the difference, not the total circuit city is the same.


that’s what i said, “of the difference”


my panasonic works good for me, and the sony’s are real nice too, but pricey


we bought this last thursday for 1049 at best buy. we are extremely happy so far. i looked at so many different tv’s samsungs had the best pictures where ever i went. sony was just as good so it came down to reading reviews.


Told you!!


Yeah I’ve been looking at that one too…


nice pickup Don! I am advising my in laws to pickup the same TV. It is amazing that my 32" Samsung was the same price just a year or so ago!


i bought the 500 series, side by side comparison with the 530 and 550 and 580 series i could not tell the difference. i would have liked the 550 it added a usb port and another hdmi port for only 299 more but since the wife was paying she had the final say… also buy it from sears they had the best deal. 10% off any samsung tv $999 and up. i would have bought it from them but they were out of stock on it and most other models. seems everyone is buying tv’s now.


vizios are the best quality for the price. you could get a 32’’ 1080p for 550. 37’’ for not too much more. samsungs are great tv’s though. good choice


“For the price” is the key there … you take a 1080 vizio and put it next to a 1080 samsung … the different is unreal


exactly, vizio is fine for me. its not “unreal” but there is a difference. just not enough of one for me to spend that money because i dont have it. i agree with you though, samsungs are a nicer overall tv



heh, stores probably had maybe 2-3 in stock at best.

Im happy with my 42" insigna. 1080p on my xbox looks rediculas. Just got my HD reciever too, fooseball games look insaine.


360 HD, try ps3 HD…blu ray


if you dont mind me asking how much was it out the door? i might pick one up this weekend


we bought guitar hero world tour and hd cables all at the same time so i’m not sure what it was exactly. figure 1049+ 6% sales tax. yours will be 7%


I’m buying a 32" in the next few days and leaning toward the $550 720p Bravia. The only other brands I’m seriously considering are Panasonic and Samsung. Opinions?