Nothing beats a Sony for picture quality… I have 2 of them.


sorry but i disagree. compare sony to LG or samsung and it will get blown out of the water. and i’m not talking about the low end ones that wal mart sells. go to a nicer store that sells these tv’s and they will tell you that LG or samsung is the way to go.


I have 2 high end Sony’s. The Latest one I just got is a 52" W4100 120Mhz. It replaced a Samsung. There is no comparison…


It’s hard to compare in the store because the source is usually terrible, BUT in the store the Panasonic and Samsung were the only ones that looked as good as the Sony. The LG had a ton of pixelisation during motion.


if your worried about pixelation then get a 120hz or plazma otherwise it’s something you have to live with. of all the tv’si looked at the samsung consistently had the nicest pictures at all the stores. some of the sony’s are just as good and other were not. i did not like the lg.


I gotta disagree with you on this George. I am NOT a SONY fan, but I just bought a 46" Bravia (KDL46Z4100) and I am very impressed with the picture. It has a far better picture than my 37" LG, using the same source (DirecTV non-HD). They both are 120hz sets, too. It looks better on DVDs, too & I am not using comosite connections on the SONY yet. I am using them on the LG for Wii & DVD. I need to update my surround sound receiver & then I plan on using HDMI & Composite connections for the sources.

I know the SONY is a higher end ‘Z’ model 1080P, but I paid less for it than the LG, and it is a far better TV. I am not seeing anything yet in true 1080P, either.


I have a good friend that is still at Sony… he is the last dept to close… he is going to order me a Z series 1080p 42inch for $880… At that price, I have to get it.

He also told me that Samsung uses Sony panels… I do not know how true that is… but it came from him, so I dunno.


Samsung > all


Samsung, Sharp, and LG (I think) are the only panel makers at the moment from what I have been told. Sony has been using Samsung panels since the plasma days but now has an agreement with Sharp, so you could end up with a Samsung or a Sharp panel in a Sony TV.


*>sony - for anything, not just tv’s

I hate sony products




I’m an anti-sony guy, too. Always hated their products. I bought this TV with a high recommendation from a very knowledgeable friend in the business. I’m gonna give Sony another chance. I hope they don’t let me down. It’s a damn impressive TV so far.


sony or samsung both top notch



I hate sony, but their TV’s are excellent.


Pioneer FTW.
Panasonic would be my second choice.


Within the last two months, at my work we have had twice as many sony’s returned with problems than any other tv.

Pioneer and Panasonic if you go plasma.


Seeking 40" or 46" HDTV to fit in the new TV cabinet coming in two weeks… I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY… I am not partial to PLASMA or LCD… I’ve been partial to the Samsung TV’s b/c the in-laws and a few of my friends have them… I can be steered in other directions however… Cabinet will not allow for anything more than most 46" TV’s… Budget; $1,500.00… can stretch that to $1,700.00 … Here’s what I’ve gathered so far on the Samsungs; Samsung LN46A750 or LN40A750 Samsung LN46A650 or LN40A650 Links to specs: LN46A750;



Thank You!


best buy has no intrest financing for 3 years right now. Go get a 1080i samsung, sony or LG


Just picked up a samsung 40in 1080p for the bedroom last night w/ this. I was in there for about 2 hours checking all of the tv’s out. This had the best reviews everywhere I looked and it looked the best in the showroom. I would have gone with a 120h refresh rate, but they were like $500+ and I don’t watch movies enough yet for this.


we tried to get it but the wife’s credit is a bit maxed out so it was a cash and carry sale