Thanks… We’ll be shopping around … I’m sure the wife will drag this out, it only took 3 months to pick furniture…


so go out and come home with it. the wife has no buisness picking a tv anyway


i just picked one of these up :slight_smile:


i have a 55 inch sony and love it


Games would look the same.


Well I just had my friend order me the Sony 46 inch Z series 1080p 120hz LCD… ill let you know how it is as soon as it gets here!


bought this tonight:

and this mount:


i wish i had the money for a 52… had to settle for the 46… i still love it though! haha


I know a guy with a Sony 55" 240Hz 10 bit panel with tri color LED backlighting

Sweeeet !!!

All Sony direct view lcd’s use Samsung panels


Well I got the TV… and its just unreal… This is the one I ended up going with.

The 120Hz playing blueray at true 24fps is amazing! Can’t beat the price that I paid compared to Circuit City either!


^^ same TV I bought 2 weeks ago. I paid a whole lot less than Circuit City wants. More than $1k less.


I paid $1329.97 + tax at the Sony store w/ a friends employee discount… cant beat it!!! Unreal TV!


^^ I paid $1225 + tax ($1298 out the door) at the StereoShop in Greensburg. I guess you can beat it :smiley:

I used to work there & I get awesome pricing on stuff. There were some rebates & I got a great starting price before the rebates were combined. I bought a wall mount for another $110.