Oh yeah! got my 8800GTS!

Ordered this a couple days ago off newegg. 301.32 was the total price.

Actually, a little back story. (Just because i have nothing better to do.) Uh, so currently i have 2 computers.

  1. Shitty Ass E-machine Desktop with a nice 20in LCD Screen.
    Mostly used to run games and most graphics editing.
  2. HP Pavillion dv6000 Laptop.
    Take to school, type shit on this. Also has vista and upgraded ram.

So, after downloading some game demos to play; before i buy the game, my comp started running the demo’s slower than i wanted. I was like “wonder how much it will cost me to build my dream computer.” I opened up Mozilla with like 100 tabs to gather every part i need and i got it nice and organized in a spreadsheet. The total of my dream comp was like, ugh, $1200. Thats rounding up. May not sound like a lot for most, but as a min wage college student, its gonna take a few months. I made a pretty nice comp, i decided to go with Vista, just so i can run Direct X 10. So, i got invited to a closed beta and well, my ass hole desktop graphics card cannot run it. i was like “fucking ass.” (direct quote) I saved up about 300 and ordered my N’vidia 8800GTS. If you dont know what it is, its just a really nice, one of the top that N’vidia makes, video card. But i bet you knew that. So yeah, i ordedred on Friday, or payday :ohyeah:!

That leads to today… I got home, wait, wait, first i went to a fight, (had to throw that in) theeeeen i got home. I already knew my package came due to delivery confirmation. So i was like w00t! took all the cables off my PC, opened that bitch up and got ready for EZ-installation. i was like wtf, the PCI card thing looked backwards, so i was like well, ill remove the mobo. so i took that mofo mobo out. and tryed installing my GeForce. And Fucking ass, as i kinda figured, but im too fucking stupid to check beforehand, that my shitty ass shit-E-Machine cannot accept it… the graphics card thats in it is intergrated with the intel motherboard… :fyi:

Well, in good news, i got one thing for my new computer that im building!

And look at how huge this graphics card is:


Thanks for your time, and for letting me waste mine!


you skateboard?

And you are…

I have a Subaru OBS, i usually lurk around here, mostly on Buffscooby and NASIOC

Yes i do. And you are…?

thats a big freaking card. i havent bought a new video card since i think a 5700. too much good stuff to play on xbox live now to spend time PC gaming. :gotme:

Nice purchase. I can’t do the “build your own computer” thing anymore. Consoles are where it’s at if you don’t want to spend lots of money.

Edit - 87fox’s “card” is bigger…

My Xbox has the Red Ring of Death, i dont feel like spending 100 bucks and waiting a month for it to get back. =(

100 bucks? :nono: Call MS and they will set you up with everything you need to have it replaced. Mine took i think 8 or 9 days from the day i sent until the day i got a new one returned to me. :tup:

Or you could do nothing and have a non-functional 360 :violin:

haha, you got it done for free? my warranty is over by the way, idk if you used your warranty/

MS extended all Xbox 360 warranties to 3 years IIRC…

ohhh word! haha ok i guess i gotta make a call tommorow.

Way to hijack my thread! >= ]

I am the Huge Nerd, I run this shit… :wink:

Carry on.

rawr, only 2,735 posts before i run this sector! but yeah, im still wondering how that kid knew i skated. I mighta talked to him about corvettes at one point.

did you look up the specs of your computer before you bought the video card to even see if you could use it, thats a PCI-E card, i really dont think that your e-machine even has a PCI-E slot. you might want to pay more attention to what you purchase, verses what you have next time so you dont end up wasting your money.

You do have a Krudco avatar…

You’ll love that card. It pwns. :tup:

Yeah, I got that card last year, great card.

Dam son…

You gonna phase change cool it and run it at 4ghz?

lol, noob.

You can build a decent rig for like $500… do that.

LOL, i just read it…

Yea, a bomb video card in a slow comp isnt going to help when the processor is peggin 100% anyways…

Make a computer, and this time one that will support that card. And that thing takes some power, so if you plan on overclocking it 80 some %, you better be lookin at spending $1-200 on a psu so you dont blow your comp like my bro did…