? on v8 swap for 240sx

Basically what i want to know is can you put a ford smallblock in it and leave it a stick?? I saw a twin turbo’d carbed 302 run a beaver springs but it was an auto, i don’t want to put an auto in it… If anybody knows anything let me know i can’t find a damn thing… I would even consider a chevy motor if i could leave it a stick.

you can do whatever you want! just get the right fabricator and make it happen!

x2. i mean theres alot of space in there to do whatever you like.

Has anyone ever seen one or seen a write up online somewhere where it was left a stick so i would at least have an idea of what i would be getting into. If its too much of a bitch i’ll throw an sr20 swap into it, ive seen them for less than 2 grand with everything wiring harness trans all that




good luck!


never seen a ford small block but common is lsx swap…im sure you can