ouija boards?

Where can ya buy one around here? Do they still sell em at department stores??
Wehave a few 12 yr olds who have heard of the things and wanna mess with it. Great oppertunity to scare the living shit outta them!

cmon noone knows?? incase yer a putts Ouija is pronounced WE JEE. Where do they sell em now?

i can tell you were we couldnt find one when we looked, target, walmart, kmart, kb toys, toys r us… we were going to resort to ebay, which they have some really cool stone ones, but a friend ended up having one.



i think due to the evil implications a ouija board has, most major manufacturers stopped making them. wouldn’t want a law suit when the pre teen grows up to be a satan enthusiast as a result of the ouija board’s influence.


Evil spirits!

Wake the dead!

Consult the board of omens!

The classic Ouija board has the answers to all questions, except the mysterious powers that determine its answers!


bah, i know we can get one online, need it for this weekend though.

check kb toys… any game stores… toys r us? etc etc…