Perfect Power Rant

Recently I have been having issues with my SMT6, mainly idling issues and going into boost. Below are the pictures I took of the issues I am having:

This happened when my car was getting dyno tuned a few months ago, and I have not been able to use the windows software to get into the program. I’ve deleted, cleaned the registry, deleted the program files, nothing works. On the other hand the DOS version works, and I have been able to fine tune the car from there. But there are two problems in question I am having problems with now:

  1. Where I idle at, which is -99 from the lower left side, three spaces up, no matter what I change that too, I will idle around 10.4AFR still. I can change it to -99 to 90, which is a BIG jump, and it will still idle there. I assumed the factory ECU would compensate, but it has not.

  2. When I get into boost, the area on the analog map in the 28% part from 125 up, the car leans out tremendously, upwards past 14.7AFR, I have done everything I can to attempt to change this, and nothing. While driving in boost, the car will run up to 14.7AFR, then down to 11.5AFR, its not consistent.

I’ve done everything I can, and have run out of options. I’ve done the XX command in the DOS program to reset the SMT, and nothing. I am starting to think something internally is wrong with the SMT.

I spoke with Bob at IDA Automotive, he was less then helpful. I asked him if I could ship him the SMT and he could test it with a jig to make sure all of the functions are working properly. His exact words were “I’m not going to be able to help you with that”, and then click. So much for the Perfect Power Dealer for the U.S. being helpful.


we tried the XX command down at Speed Nation when it was doing that there. It did not reset it then, I doubt it will ever again… Something could definitely be messed up internally.

I’m starting to think that as well. I know its working off of the base MAP in the SMT. I’m going to attempt to zero everything out and go from there again. If not, it will be going to Canada to be tested. The thing I find interesting is that the fuel trim at idle could be adjusted, and it would work, but not no matter what I change, it will not do anyhting.

So I came home from work early to see what would happen if I deleted everthing out and started fresh. The same thing happens. I took some pictures of the DOS screens to get some input. I still get the CEL after a second startup for low MAF voltage. Also, I lowered my FPR from 35psi down to 30psi, and it still had no affect on it. Thoughts?

Shipped back to the Perfect Power Canada dealer, lets hope something good came come of this.


I talked to Denis from Perfect Power Canada and he was able to save my SMT. Apparently from the person who originally installed and tuned the car, he fucked somehting up and the system froze and was not able to work anymore which caused a major bug in the system. He is going to be testing it for another day or two then shipping it back to me.

that is awesome news!!! Maybe that is why when you change certain variables nothing would happen.

Exactly, I talked to Denis a few minutes ago, and he said something must have been dramatically changed.

just forward that bill on to you know who!

It’s a freebie from my buddy. Just a reminder to anyone who ventures to SpeedNation, don’t bother.

Hey Yamaha, did you stop by Station Auto in Cory. I heard someone stopped by building a Hyundai…assumed it was you.

Yea, that was me, engine is going to be down there soon. I believe I talked to your dad, if so, he’s a good man.