Petition to change Dos's title to "i try to be snky and its really annoying"

pls vote y or n


“with the support of the people, we can change the world!”

lol, im not trying to be sneaky…:snky: :snky:


LOL@ im gay at cars!! it just sounds funny to say.

Wow, everyone is gay at cars like me.


I was torn between 1 and 3

yes… either “i’m gay at cars”


“i’m pretty good at drinking code red”

i am singing a “i am gay at cars” song to dos…

he is getting so mad…

he just yelled shutup LOLOL…

ok… back to singing this awesome song


Yes. “I try to be :snky: and i’m really annoying about it” DrDoS, STEALTTH


what are the lyrics? :wink:

it was a spur the moment type song… kinda went like…

“i am gay at cars… o so gay. I like to do things to my car and not tell anybody, because i am sooooo gay with cars! I have a turbo so now i think i’m cool and fast and everyone will like me… but i am gay at cars!.. GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY…CARS ARE GAY TO ME!”

adam the amount of work you have done today has got to be less than zero


^word, pizza buffet for lunch totally demotivated the shit out of me

The amoutn of work skunk does on an average day is probably less than adam, he posts more than anyone on nyspeed lol

Damnit. I hit the wrong one.




eh i do what i can :slight_smile:

i just started being active on nyspeed a week or so ago so :stuck_out_tongue:

yea… adam… you have been gone. i’ve missed you.

you came back once fantasy football started LOL

so what… trying to prove that you are a post whore?

oh and i kindof like my normal “Speeder” title. so we should just leave it like that.