pics from my teck weekend

we invaded TO over the weekend… met some teck peeps from ontario as well… was a sweet weekend…

what exactly is techademiks

i know its a car club/team w/e. but like how do u get in.

i mean…wtf.
im soo lost.


I love boobies

You need to buy their DVDs…they cover a lot of rallies, u know, like the gumball3000, the cannon ball run…those videos are, well the ones they cover are from Teckademics…its not just a club…a community of people like us, they have a lot more bank though to invest in the events/dvds/parties/cars/soundstracks/apparel/etc etc etc

Ah-ha :tup:

Are those pics from GTC?

no, and i dont know what you mean by GTC sorry

another one

So where was it?

Toronto Motorsports Park… but u know that already…carry on

deff a hell of a weekend :tup:…

more pics here taken from another member…

damn it i knew i should have went…but my alternator would have dies on the way back


Cool stuff.

YOU LET CRUSTY CHRISTY(far left)SIT ON YOUR CAR!!!?!?!? wow your car has the herp now



#2, #1, #4, #3… my ranking of doability.

lol, :word: