PICS PICS PICS - 56K go join Neo

no one likes the vendors section eh?

no one wants to view it eh?

well then, i guess i will just have to hammer this section with pics so that people are pretty much forced to check it out unless they want to miss what is going on

yeah i posted these pics already in another thread here but i figure i would post them again:

yes this is going in my car

5 lug bitches…i may be the only person running these studs on a 240sx on earth

fresh springs on the coils… lemme know if you need em too…

spacers courtesy Doba, rusted out D2 springs

VR4 conversion brackets… run 13+ inch rotors on the Z brakes

these will be ready to go this spring…WOOT WOOT

wow impressive. red subframe…lol. how much did the attain hubs run you? stuff looks good, keep the pics coming :slight_smile:

Its pink dammit… what is wrong with peoples monitors??

i must say to actually see this thing up close its really looks very good, and bing is definatelly a man of his word. Lets all paint our subframes.

ARP camero longstuds? thats old news bing-a-ling, been there done that

a fuschia rear subframe… ( dont even play the ‘its your monitor’ card… color calibration, beeyyotch!)…

can you BE any more rice? :stuck_out_tongue:

omg what a sexy subframe… im gonna drop mine so i cant paint it too… ricerific! but seriously, i think it looks awsome, if droppin it ? why not paint it a ridiculous color! 8)

not the ones in the rear, the ones in the Attains…

theres a guy on zilvia with a pink subframe, bing are you able to get 8/6 springs?

and are those just powdercoated or like upgraded d2 springs

uber intrested x2000 my 7/5s are weak

that’s not pink…i’ll show you pink in a few weeks…

they are NOT D2 springs, they are QA1 springs with the equivalent to an 8/6 rate. they are linear rate springs and have a powder coat that wont flake off like faggoty D2 springs

yes i can get them when i oder more rod ends… price was around $200 i beleive but i will have to ask again

look at how rusted out the D2 springs are in that pic i posted… its ghey

the dude on zilvia with teh pink subframe is me…lol

bingzor let me knowzor i hate d2zor springzorz


forget letting you know… you put the $$$ in my hands and i will get you springs…

$hit is getting to hectic to be following up with people all the time…

i have guys on msn from all over the world saying “hey its me can you ship this stuff to me with the stuff you are sending Chris?”

i have like 14 Chris’s, 8 Mike’s, 12 Scott’s and endless people named Matt on msn and i cant keep up with all this shit…

so no i dont let you know, you let ME know.

p.s. i love you

^ I know how you feel

whoa! can you post up how much are for tha attain front 5 lug hubs? i might be interested!


thanks for the pics jacko


no pink subframe, no care

Raced down to Carlisle PA on friday with Chris (canadiandrifter240sx) and my buddy Adam and all of my NYspeed buddies/

it was an unbeleiveable weekend and no amount of Pics or vids that we took could capture the fun.

i’ll do a full write up later on… here are some pics of our crew

looks awesome bing and sounds like a good time…but what the hell is a coupe doing in pictures of a car show…muahahaa