"pinks" on speed TV


just watched it. Interesting show. Straight up street racing at a track, set out your own starting distances, best 2 out of 3 races winner gets the other guy’s car.

Only caught the end and it was a ls1 Z28 vs. ls1 formula. The 3rd race the z28 won and the formula was set out 8 cars and lost by 2cars :eek:

fuck i wanted 2 watch this too. and link does not work


its on again at 11:30pm

In the last race z28 sprayed a 250 shot and pulled the ta from 8 cars back to a 2 car lead. he did blow his motor though. i really enjoyed that show. i stayed up till 3 to watch it.

Shit, I went to bed about then, I could have watched it. :banghead:


i forgot to watch that too. im waiting to see some kid cry like a bitch cause he lost the porche his daddy bought him. I dont know if that happened or not, its just what i want to see.

I’d rather see when they get home and Daddy beats his ass and tells his kid to go work for a living. :rofl:


Fawk I need speed vision

get your shit tuned… and all you will have is speed vision.

Eh, id rather see cars that were on the same level. I watched it last night, and seeing somebody lose by 2 when they had 8 at the start is just retarded, like watching a 20 year old beat up kindergarten kids.

Yea… i was far from impressed… the one guy brought a street car… the other guy brought a fucking drag car… on the last race the one guy almost pulled a wheelie, while the other guy had a stock formula on spray…

Yea, sure, run what ya brung… whatever… if I wanna hear kids bitch about unfair setups and how he jumped the gun and he sprayed blah blah blah, I can go into kill stories… or find some street racing downtown… at least then I might see someone get their head punched.

I was far from impressed… was often painful to watch… I couldn’t stand looking at that ugly kid with the race prepped drag car and his goofy ass grin… over all :tdown: