pissed off neighbor.. video..

so dunno if anyone remembers my shitty neighbors back in the day,posted on ubrf… well they are still shitty… and check out this video, its a message on my answering machine…my brother was blastin his system at 6PM…

NWS due to language



rofl, this guy sounds like hed be awesome to fuck with, is he just all talk or would he like attack u?

lol ouch

see post on the other one…
where do you live… I’d lvoe to make noise infront of his house… daily.


thats awsome , personally i would pull up right in his driveway and put that shit on blast as he tries to eat his dinner. ive yelled at my neighbors before cause they think my system is too loud and its only 2 10’s. funny sound clip, hopefully theres more where that came from


Leave his own message on his message machine messanger :slight_smile:

note: Bagpipe music makes for great neighbor annoyance music. Start blasting that… and your neighbor will love you for-ev-er

Alright now im no fan of the buh buh buh bass, but that dude makes me want to rock some big ol subs pull into his living room and shake his fillings out.

maybe your neighbor’s the one that needs a life if he’s there listening to it everytime you’re blasting music.

oh, and that message is hilarious :lol:

system meet in front of your house? LOL

I would go just to blast my crappy subaru radio.

That guy has issues

but at the same time, being loud around neighbors = stupid

I always drive slow and shift WAAAY early to be as quiet as possible around the neighborhood…

as mentioned before…i was to knock him out

same here, no need to piss them off for somthing stupid…cause u never know, they could be like the guy from this thread lol

[QUOTE=originalsin is he just all talk or would he like attack u?[/QUOTE]


Glad you don’t live next to me. I wouldn’t be so nice as he was. lol

fuck em’ up…Im so fucking pissed off right now…I’ll go kick his ass my self…Damn i suck…Im @ fucking work…I got nothing to do guys…should i choke the chicken…?

i could see being upset at 6AM… but 6PM???