Place that mount and balance later in the evening

Did a search couldn’t find too much info:

Basically my friend need has 4 tires that need to be mounted/balanced on 18’s. Dunn only opens till 7pm. He’s probably won’t be available till 8-9pm. He’s hoping to do it July 3rd.

Any suggestions?

18s that late are going to be tough.

and on a day before a holiday? not a chance in hell

Swerve Motorsports. Just call up Paul and tell him you need a later appointment. I’m sure he’ll be willing to wait around for you.

I didn’t see the July 3rd part. Um yeah, good luck with that.


pepboys is open till 9pm. they mount and balance tires all day long unlike swerve or whatever. Oh and swirve is rediculously over priced.

they can’t just drop the stuff off? lame.

Actually no Swerve does 18s for a fair amount. I priced a couple different places a couple months ago.

Goodyear wanted like $40-$45 a wheel
Reid’s was like $30 a wheel
Kustom Werks was I believe $25

I’m not gonna go quoting prices for Swerve but it seemed more then fair to me. And he took care of the old tires too. That’s another $4 per tire at some of those places.

Big D did mine for like $20 or $25 a wheel…i dont know how late they are open though.

alden automotive on broadway does them for $20/tire, not sure what time they are open till though,

937-6659 give them a call tomorrow

:wtf: news to me.

^ i think it was sarcasm

got it done on July 3 at 7 by Paul at Swerve Motorsports :tup:

thanks to those that suggested Paul
great customer service, excellent pricing…definitely recommended to everyone

Paul’s a great guy. Always willing to go that extra mile for his customers! I’m not surprised you had a good experience!

you cant srge disposal on old tires only on new

Try sears?

whenever I had to have some tires done at a wierd time, they always seem to be around.