Police shoot 8 and kill at least six on bridge in NO


Shits gettin’ outta hand.

Yeah, well those fucking morons should not be shooting at helicopters lol


Why would contractors be shooting at choppers?

from what I understand half of their police force quit already because they thought this job wasnt worth dying for…

so you already know half the police are worthless… who knows about the rest… the military should just step in and take total control… fuck the local police… you saw the ones in the walmart… absolutely worthless…

It would seem to me, that the way these people are acting, they’d PREFER to live with things the way it is now.

I say, we move all these violent retards onto a remote island somewhere forgettable, and let them live their way by themselves.

These guys come to fix shit, and are being shot at… BS.

If they keep this up, NOBODY will want to come help, or fix shit over there.

These few bad apples are going to ruin it for the rest of the people who want that place fixed.

you mean australia?

I’d say Greenland


hmm…sounds familiar??


YEAH!!!111111111oneoneone whoo hoooo. lets send some more target practice, i mean help down there.

janny… where are you?
do you remember me mentioning something about the masses and mod mentality. its going to get worse before it gets better.

That is not mob mentality, that is a group of thug, “wanna-be gangbangers homies”, taking shots because they think its funny/cool/whatever.

You have to realize that there are a lot of clinically crazy people living down there, put them in this situation and its what they are going to do.

After working in a police station for 4 years I understand this, I have seen the spectrum pretty much, it gets bad around here, and we have decent conditions!

give it time. there will be mobs. i have faith in mankind to do the wrong thing.

not that there wasnt already. see the post about the guy that went back to his house to check on it.

just start shooting and dont bother showing these fuckers any kind of decency, they went past that point when they started shooting at hospitals

in case some of you have not seen these links here are a few:






^^ 1/2 way down the page is the link to click to watch the video

^^ video of cops looting

edit: these people are a disgrace to the entire country.

If you shoot at the help don’t be supprised if you get shot back. Retards :rant:


I’m right here, and you’re still being an idiot about this.
and when does anything get better before it gets better?

my point was that the majority of people are behaving just fine…
hey, even the mayor of new orleans said so.

"And I am telling you right now: They’re showing all these reports of people looting and doing all that weird stuff, and they are doing that, but people are desperate and they’re trying to find food and water, the majority of them.

Now you got some knuckleheads out there, and they are taking advantage of this lawless – this situation where, you know, we can’t really control it, and they’re doing some awful, awful things. But that’s a small majority of the people. Most people are looking to try and survive." -Mayor Ray Nagin


it may look like a bigger percentage, but that’s just what it looks like, because that’s what the media is communicating… which is what they think “we” want to see.

a few less scumbags in the world… shoot first… and dont bother asking questions in those situations