political non-sense

The Rochester City Police department responded to a report of “anti christian behavior” last night. What happened is a extremely conservative individual saw my co-workers anti war bumper stickers, which bring to christians attention that condoning war is condoning killing, and called the cops.

my co-worker is a very logical, level-headed individual and he in no way got in this womens face or threatened her. She just didnt like his bumper stickers.

so apparently voicing anti-majority opinions is means for writing a police report now.



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Anti-war is not condoning war.

Anti-war is the majority.


Sorry, I was trying to make it short. He has bumper stickers that are anti christian. One say something to the effect of “christians are anti killing, yet for the war in iraq.”

condoning war is condoning killing.

the point is the police responded to a “anti christian behavior” report when no threats were made of any kind…nobody was in danger

thats whats scary…


But killing Muslims is o.k. I hate Bible thumpers.

i have a friend who has a shirt that says: “your jesus was a black sandnigger” or something like that… hardly PC, but it pisses off so many people, it’s great…

EDIT: what the fuck did the cops say/do? was the lady still there? i hope she was getting raped and there was no available units on their way to her rescue while the cops were responding to her call.

The amount of Anti-religeous ignorance in this country is astounding. I think its quite sad that it is more widly accepted to be a flaming homosexual, or kill babys (abortion) than it is to believe in God…its sad really.

you know what is really sad is that we have a president that can’t think for himself, write his own speaches, or even speak an intelligent sentence, let alone his foreign policy and this wonderful war he’s created… however because he has strong moral (religious) values, he gets elected and re-elected.

Please explain further… It’s just as acceptable to be gay as it is to not believe in god. Sorry to say but not believing in your christian god is not a crime nor is it wrong.

Maybe that’s what YOU think…

but you are horribly mistaken…

god is such a piece of crap.

being gay IS better than believing in god!

stop trying to prove youre better than christians!

the cops asked him to tell them what he had been doing all day. He told them he was going inside and unless they had a reason to be there (legal reason) he would not speak to them. They got pissed and left. He is looking into pressing charges for harrassment. There were no verbal or physical threats so the police had no reason to respond.

The southwedge planning committee (who works closely with the police) has already told him that it was un-just for the police to harrass him and they will find out the badge numbers of the officers.

It appears the women who got angry has friends int he police force. Mainly because the police have stated that they would never waste their time responding to a call like that.

the saga continues.


I hope they hassle him again and he sues their asses off. They have no right to even talk to him about his bumpersticker.

My screen name isn’t very pro-christian.

Oh I was already going to “hell” anyway.