Possible Hyundai Mid-rear Porsche fighter?

Led by Albert Biermann, former BMW M chief, the Hyundai N division wants to take the next evolutionary step by developing a mid-engine car. The exec spoke about the project in an interview with Evo , admitting that “philosophically, there are no limits” to what they can do, and “there are no specific financial limits to what kind of cars we will make”, yet their products “need to be sensibly priced relative to whatever rivals they are in competition with”.


If this is what the car would look like I personally love the looks. Loving the direction Hyundai/Kia are heading. Definitely seems like the brand to follow lately. Hopefully they keep progressing and making better vehicles. Just the progress from the early 2000s to now is pretty impressive.

Yeah looks like an S2K

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That does not look like an MR setup with that long hood.

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And if functional, the hood scoop on the front. However, it would be cool to see them produce this and a MR.

Probably talking about the RM19?


Based on what they are saying I have a feeling they are looking at doing something more roadster style. They already have the Veloster N so I’m guessing a 2dr 2 seat car.