Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


89 Kawi 650sx with a motor from a 93 on the right, Yamaha superjet 650 on the left and another 89 Kawi 650sx up front !


Wanna sell the square nose?


did those come from Rotterdam off Highbridge road? Up the street from me there are/were a few jet skis and a bunch of junk VW’s on the lawn


That’s my buddy’s house and only the one Baja bug is alittle rough but it has a built 2.0T lol, but ya these are the ones. And Na CAPCREW planning and ripping pretty hard this summer lol


Word I’ll shoot you a pm in the spring when we start riding the sacandaga if you want to ride in a group. A bunch of us ride up there and there’s a pretty good race scene out here. Check out’s ny section


It always seems like theres a few ripped apart VW’s up there. I saw the silver one now has a motor and was on the road tonight.

I thought the jet ski with all the stickers looked familiar.


Keeping the factory tires? I would love to test fit one of those on my crv if you don’t mind as that is one of the sizes I have thought about running in the spring.


Yea, that’s fine. I’m keeping them to throw back on in the spring, but once I get a free day, you can swing by and we can test fit it.


picked up a 60gal IR at tractor supply last weekend


Yea let me know this is my first ski so I’m pretty excited to get into the sport !


You’ll have fun man. Are there any parts on it? If you need help with anything let me know. I’ve got a square nose, a Waveblaster and a 300sx I’m putting a yamaha driveline into.

If that boat is stock i’d recommend a pipe, a prop, modified cdi, ride plate and intake grate. Pm me if you have any questions. If i can’t answer I can point you in the right direction.



Tanabe 20mm rear sway bar, 83 shipped off ebay. Car didn’t come with a rear bar, the EX rear bar is only 15mm. Should make a nice difference.

Installed pics on another person’s car:

Shaped just like stock, so it actually clears everything:


Kenny, that thing should be a tank now.


Oh it is. I hammered down leaving the Goldstein parking lot (turned left before 6pm :ahh) and the damn thing actually launched… lol. Very little tire spin at all. I would venture to say that thing is unstoppable.


No no no. It IS stoppable. If it was unstoppable I’d recommend new tires.

Tapatalk is consuming my life


It’s got an intake grate and that’s it, I was already looking into the ride plate. The Cdi bumps up the rev limit on these right ?


lol… very true. It is definitely a tank though.


Depending on what you get it will Bump it up, eliminate it, or eliminate it and advance timing. Msd is the best. Is that a 650 or 701?


It’s an 89 Kawi 650sx hull with a motor from a 93.