Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


There’s been salt down on 88 for at least week now.


88 is a whole different world


Sig P229 40 S&W


Land of the Nothing


no, 86 is the land of nothing


New HD weapon. Hatson Arms Escort MP tactical 12 gauge. Couldn’t beat it for the price (I would have preferred the Remington 870 but that was a bit above the budget). Read a TON of reviews on it before pulling the trigger (no pun intended) and it seems to be a great weapon. Shot a couple slugs through it today and the sight needs some adjustment, but it was consistent. I already put my tactical flashlight with pressure switch on it and it works beautifully. Going to pick up an ‘inexpensive’ quick sight for it soon.

Sadly though, it was lost in a tragic boating accident after test firing it. RIP.


/\ nice pick up… its a pump right? Cuomo can take that pistol grip and stuff it up his ass becasue if it isnt a semiauto its aparantly not scary enough for the state to care.


I think you can still get a semi auto shotgun with a pistol grip as long as it holds <7 rounds…I was just looking at a benelli m4 at dicks and it had the pistol grip on it…the law is written like absolute shit so who knows what really is or isn’t legal.


Exactly why I went with a pump. I can have all of the ‘evil features’ I want and it’s not included in the unSAFE act. Even though it takes me .5 seconds to pump it over the .1 second on a semiauto. That makes a HUGE difference… SMH


becasue its not a detachable mag its ok.

Exactly, dont need to really have 7,10,20,30+ rounds of little 22 cal shit when you have a few 1900fps 1-1/8th oz slugs in the tube to pump through.


How much were they asking for the M4?

I love the one I owned before the boating accident.


1700 which is high…the black Friday ad said 100 bucks off of any gun over 1000but the m4 is 1600 everywhere else ive seen it locally




sick 35’s on a sled with a winch to pull it out when stuck… thats dope!


Returned my Canon T3 and ordered a 60D after they price-matched Amazon for me. Also grabbed a 70-300mm since it was $300 off.



Had to get some new tires for the Touareg. The Goodyear Eagles that were on it just weren’t cutting it in the snow… especially if it is going to be used as the snowmobile tow vehicle… lol

And on a side note, it looks quite good lifted… lol.


you lifted it? or its jacked up on factory air?? tires look good, what size?


My guess is the floor lift is partly lifting it.


Yes, sadly it is just on jack stands… but I wanted to see what it would look like lifted… lol. The factory tire size was 255/55-18 which made for slim pickings on snow tires, so I opted to go with a 235/60-18 which only changes the OD by approx. .1"… which will have a minimal impact on the speedometer; but it gave a few more tire options. I went with the Mastercraft Courser MSR. I loved the Mastercraft Glacier Grip II’s I had on my STi and these are basically just the SUV version.