Post a PIC of your latest purchase.




oooo Benny…rolls eyes


stuff for these silly things
Front end parts for duramax because winnie the pooh does not know how to use the crosswalk
Adding random things like a 2 year old and dirtbike to my kitchen




Where the fuck do you find a bear to hit?


did the bear die?



ahhh hahahahahaha


wtf bear


sold my old one back when i got the FJ to djauggie.

time for a new one so i can has more funz without losing fundz


bear did not die:




I ate some bear last night. my cousin shot a 350lb black bear up north a few weeks ago


bear got up and crawled off the road, it was not going to make it so a buddy shot it later.




thats sad


they salted the road already?


In lots of places, yeah. Around here they’re just treating the surface with that salt substitute again. Saw the lines in the road and the trucks on 787.


Yeah I’ve seen it on western too. Still days like today when the roads get wet it kicks up in road spray and films your car. Super gay.