Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


Yeah no shit… I finally was on the track for a perfect credit record and thats there to fuck it up.

Fucking sucks.


Holy fuck I would have a heart attack…My credit is a HUGE deal to me. When my score dipped down to a 795 after I bought my house I was crushed…haha


Mine got fucked from a single credit card when I turned 18. You know those BS ones that have a monthly “service” fee.

Well after I had it paid off I never cancelled it or anything. I NEVER GOT A SINGLE NOTICE and I just forgot about it. So years of a 25 dollar montly fee not being paid and then the 30 dollar late fee everytime… ended up some STUPID ammount of money…

Well that company went out of buisness and sold it off to one of those Debt agencies that buy debt to settle with. Settled it but it still fucked me pretty hard.

Luckily my bank saw that all my other things were paid on time with no late payments at any point so even with the fucked credit they took care of me…

but holy fuck how embarassing


/\ which is why is a very good idea to find a good credit union or bank and stick with them. build a relationship. Years ago I was doing OK but not great credit wise. I wanted a small loan like $5k or something like that, got denied at 2 places. Went to my bank I was apart of for 10+ years. Sat down and talked to the person, who talked to their management who came and talked to me and they made it work and I got the loan. credit score didn’t change, so that tells me the lender has the ultimate power of yes/no, so a relationship and trust must feed into that.

that being said, I have to say, SEFCU I have been apart of for 5 years. I am by far NOT rich as in money in the bank but I have consistent flow and I watch my shit like a hawk so its never late or anything. I have been hooked up a hand full of times through them and a few times I walked out saying “holy shit that was easy, and I didn’t think they could do that for me”.

PJB, you have the right idea. Get a good fixer upper that once its pimp the numbers will be in your favor. You are single, if I were in your shoes I would get one, fix it up while I lived in it (sleep in one room, fix the other, once done flip it around and fix the original room)… then sell it in a year once completed and walk away with probably half your years salary in profit… BANK it away and do it again. do it a few times and you will be in a position to put a BIG chunk down and knock a payment clear in half ($ and terms) on a nice house that wont need a ton of work, or even build and be wayyyyyy ahead on the house.


And to add to this ^^ Buy a house you can EASILY afford on your own and have a friend or two move in and charge them rent and bank every cent they give you.


Last winter was pretty good. i did 2200 miles.

You cant live around here and expect to ride more than 1-2 weeks a year unless you expect to travel. I traveled a lot but there was tons of good snow in NY last season, a good winter for sure. Not happening this year though, my son is racing snox and i expect that’ll eat up all my riding budget.


College loans officially paid off.


Huge congrats dude! Thats a killer for younger people in todays economy, including me.


Thank you. it feels great


Not my purchase but I helped the girlfriend pick it out since some 18 yr old bimbo with a suspended license and a warrant blew a stop sign, t-boned my gf and totaled her previous car.
'06 Mazda6 S 5MT one owner 19k miles.

It’s like a little Mazda family.


Yeah that’s pretty pimp


every time I see your pics I want a mazda…I love her car…thinking about a mazda as a new daily.


I want a new Mazda 6 Badly… So gorgeous


mazdas are the shit. love my little beater.


It’s a sickness, like Tattoo’s…


^ owned that exact gun, same ss variant and sub compact.


I like the XD’s… Problem is I’m buying more and not selling any!!


Every time you post a pic you make me want one lol

Not really sure of the rules of carrying or owning though


I like the laptop.


In NYS women can carry anything up to a .45 handgun for semi-auto, and up to a .357 if it’s a revolver. You can get one from pretty much anywhere and just walk up to a cop and pull it out and show him that you can chamber a round, remove the mag and eject the round in the chamber. The officer would then sign you off as long as he’s near his cruiser they should have the required paperwork. You can do it in pretty much any town court or city hall or whatever too.

Men have to jump through more hoops though. Good luck!