Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


Im a fucking idiot and would puncture them.


:number1 do it! :lol


PJB dont be a bitch. I put 110 holes in my brand new tires like 5 years ago, stuffed some sled studs through and rtv’d them up under the heads… they are still in my basement (still for sale btw) with the same 5-10 psi in them from day one. putting a few cold kutters in the lugs if you use short shanks and measure whats left to the lugs will never puncture the tire.

or buy mine if they are the same pattern :slight_smile:


doublepost fail


Why anyone would buy a fucking polaris ATV is beyond me. Them things are POSs still on the showroom floor. Nothing says “I want to suck at riding” more than that.


:rofl so true


PJB didn’t you “buy” that like 5 years ago?


snowmobiles are better


yeah but it was a $69 a month payment for as long as I owed on it. I was paying $80 a month and wasn’t paying a whole lot extra on it until recently due to having higher interest loans/credit card to pay off first. This was the last bill I had and I just paid $803.50 yesterday.


Alpine, I agree, I miss mine. Every year I try to convince my self to get another, but I am thankful I didn’t because every winter blows.

I would rock this though… 450 or bigger, ski in the front. :ahh


and people need to jump off Pauls shit too. He’s getting his shit in gear and he’s debit free, that is quite the accomplishment for 98% of the people on this site. I fucking wish I was. We all made dumb purchases and financial mistakes, its how you deal with them and conquer them is what sets you apart from the pack. That being said, congrats PJB.


get a snohawk Mike


Thanks Mike. Now Im going to try saving for a house once I get the quad back from being fixed.

Fuck Ive spent a ton of money in the past week but atleast it was all cash and today is payday again and Im not living paycheck to paycheck like I used to.


that money I would be getting a regular sled.

+rep on plans man. :number1

the last part you said is what will allow you to get ahead and save money for the toys you want later on and buy them outright for better deals and stay ahead on value/investments. again, I wish I was in those shoes.


pay check to pay check sucks im glad i havent done that in years… im working on making my credit perfect right now and then blowing it all on a mountain of coke!! jk i like being able to afford ( really afford) anything i want, ive got a great job and i dont have to really pay people to fix my shit unless i cant do it so that kinda saves me in the long run aswell


really it was my damn car that got me into a mess with debt. I had a previous car loan for my daily driver and that was it.

I had bought the Mustake with cash but took out a loan for bodywork, a loan for making it faster, a loan for repairs, charged tons of parts including a motor (was up to $9600 on a $10k card plus had another card) and then bought a quad and a truck.

Working at a dead end job for shit pay and putting $100-150 in gas in it a week didnt help either. Now with a good job with good pay Im able to pay off bills and now Im planning on getting an even bigger loan. Am I nuts?


if the bigger loan is for a house. no that’s not nuts at all. a home is about the easiest major investment you can actually stay ahead of or jet past in terms of equity in the investment with making simple smart decisions. If that bigger loan is for a brand new mustang, yes your retarded. Find a nice house for a steal that needs nothing, or fine a decent house with a future once improved that will be worth more than your purchase price & improvements price.

If you can swing it do less than a 30 year. If the house holds its value or better you will gain equity very fast. When you are settled down and can make better borrowing decisions, your credit and equity in the home will open the doors to a lot more for you but you have to keep making good decisions. Just my personal experience and opinion. IBF all the cash is king ballers come in and comment.


Yeah, its gonna be for a house. Im sick of vehicle payments and dont want to do that again.

I think buying a house is going to be better than renting an apartment at this point.

Im going to look for a good deal and since my brothers do remodeling I can get one that needs a little work.


Everytime I start getting my credit back in check something fucks it up. Just found out my other in law (We were the ones living in her current house at one point so all the bills were in my name) had a cable and power bill in my name (They were still listed on the address) and aparently when she called to get services reinstated they asked if my info was still the correct info and she just said yes…

So after her owning 500+ dollars on each one when we went to buy my wifes new car… that came up as a big red flag. I had NO Idea what it was about…

Needless to say what can you do… Not going to report my mother in law to the police. Just told her it needs to get taken care of.


ouch thats a bummer…