Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


Plus rep Wayne



What is it with people getting rid of FJ’s and getting little Fords?


gas guzzlin


every time I get rid of a truck and get a car I want a truck again. Now Im gonna stick with a truck.


I enjoyed the truck for awhile, but havent used it as a truck in a long time. pretty much since I sold the rockcrawler and stopped towing



Its like a fucking viggen enthusiasts site in here with all these saab stories.


:rofl :rofl :rofl



So Ps4 comes out in a few days, so I bought a Ps3 game that came out today :lol Still my favorite series, besides Gt and Vectorman.


Ratchet and Clank FTW :number1 Such an epic time killer.


Love ratchet and clank!


Buy two get a third video game free at Target on certain titles including BF4, COD:Ghosts, Assassins Creed Black Flag, etc… New games only.


I think this counts.

I just paid it off. Too bad its a broken piece of shit though.

Finally no more loans.


Congrats. Fix it just in time for ice riding!


Thanks. I really don’t want to sink a ton of money into it right now so Im trying to fix it cheaply.

Ice riding means getting another set of tires and wheels for it since the ones on it are too good to stud. Unfortunately that will set me back around $500 and its just not something I want to spend money on right now.


Gotcha. Fix it over winter slowly and sell it at the start of next season?



I got a similar code through Amazon, where I preordered the Ps4, for Buy one get one on those games. Grabbed Knack and NFS:Rivals. And got notification the Ps4 shipped today… so heres hoping it shows up a day early :rofl


Really Id like to keep it because I know if I sell it I’ll never buy another one.


i stud up my ltz400 and my pit bike, both have somewhat meaty tires, i just unstud in the spring and ride all summer on them, as long as theyre meaty you wont puncture through